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  1. Goober4473

    Include Data but not Libraries from Dependencies

    Is it possible to use the coop commander data (units and such), but not the trigger libraries? The triggers keep messing up my mod, but I need all of the data. is there a way to disable an included library? Or override it by using the same ID elsewhere? If so, where can I see the IDs of...
  2. Goober4473

    Allow/Disallow Upgrades Failing Online Only

    I'm creating a mod that uses the Allow/Disallow Upgrade (and Unit) functions to determine what units and upgrades each player will have access to. At the start, everything is disallowed, then when players make their choices, the appropriate units and upgrades are allowed. This works perfectly...
  3. Goober4473

    Worker UI Icon With Auto-Attack

    Still looking for an answer to this one.
  4. Goober4473

    Worker UI Icon With Auto-Attack

    Is there a way to make a unit produce the lazy worker icon, whithout also making them run away when attacked?
  5. Goober4473

    Resistant Skin and friendly Siphon Mana

    Crap, it's not, and I may not be able to let it, unless I can give the heroes something that makes them un-targetable by it besides being a hero. Thanks for the help.
  6. Goober4473

    Resistant Skin and friendly Siphon Mana

    The gameplay constants are fine, as I can transfer mana to non-resistant units. What else could be wrong?
  7. Goober4473

    Resistant Skin and friendly Siphon Mana

    I would like two units to have Resistant Skin, but I also need them to be able to be given mana via a custom Siphon Mana with only the friendly effect (to give mana to a friendly unit). However, it seems Resistant Skin blocks even the friendly version. Does anyone have a good way around this...
  8. Goober4473

    Self destroying map!

    It may also not show up if the file size is too large (greater than the 8 MB limit), which would only happen if you import a lot of custom stuff.
  9. Goober4473

    basic designs

    The auto-win is from the default trigger that all maps come with. It sets up all the standard melee stuff, including win conditions, starting units, day/night cycle, etc.
  10. Goober4473

    basic designs

    Comptuer players need start locations too. The start locations won't do anything if you don't specifically use them in a trigger (such as the standard melee setup trigger). You should be able to select the Doodad palette then select and delete the doodad. You may need to select it with a box.
  11. Goober4473

    Melee Changeling (Modular Custom Race)

    Back to working on this after a break. Choice 4 has documentation now, and I should have 5-7 done sometime soon. I'll probably do 5 tonight, since it's small. [Edit]: Choice 5 is documented. [Edit]: All choices documented.
  12. Goober4473

    where is the thing to enable defult active ability?

    Select the unit that has the ability, not the ability itself, and it should be the very first field: "Abilities - Default Active Ability" If instead the first field is just "auto", then hit ctrl+D to set the view back to titles rather than raw data. [Edit]: If neither of those is the first...
  13. Goober4473

    making an autocast spell pasive

    Depends on what you mean by passive. Like an aura that affects all nearby enemies or a random enemy every N seconds? The unit with the ability acts as if parasite was cast on it all the time? The aura wouldn't be too hard. Just make a dummy aura that affects enemies, and when a unti dies...
  14. Goober4473

    Campaign The Lord of Khaz Modan v1.1

    I like the concept. Cool as a campaign level since it's not just a regular melee match with a story. It was pretty fun to play through. So, some comments on what could be improved: The first part felt like it dragged a little. If the hero has weird new custom abilities, it might have been...
  15. Goober4473

    Map Size Limit For Single Player?

    I've been working on it off and on for about four years. Probably at least a few months of dedicated work. Most of the size is from custom models I downloaded, since I ran out of regular ones to use. The official thread for the mod is here...
  16. Goober4473

    Add fixed damage but remove another fixed damage?

    You can set it to a negative number by double-shift-clicking on the value to edit it. You can also give both a positive and negative version like 100 levels and just increase/decrease the levels.
  17. Goober4473

    Uncontrolable units?

    Use a trigger to detect when the unit is given the "smart" order, then re-apply the order you actually want them to have. "smart" is a right-click order.
  18. Goober4473

    Melee Changeling (Modular Custom Race)

    I can see how it could easily be a bit overwhelming with all of the options that you're unfamiliar with. The documentation I'm working on now should help with that some, as you'll get to know a little about what you're choosing before deciding, but ultimately it would be best in the campaign...
  19. Goober4473


    Sounds like you have an infinite loop somewhere. Do you know if the player's lumber becomes event keeps triggering every time you gain lumber above the specified number? For instance, when it becoems 50, you get +100 lumber, which puts it to 150, which is more than 50, so another +100, which...
  20. Goober4473

    Map Size Limit For Single Player?

    Just tested with a smaller name. Still nothing, and at least one other map in my folder with a much logner name works just fine. [Edit]: The map in question is this one, in case anyone wants to try it for themselves: