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  1. SD_Ryoko

    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    I have a new hard drive, and a new motherboard. I also have Windows 8. Intel 330 Series Solid-State Drive 120 GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5-Inch - SSDSC2CT120A3K5 Gigabyte board GA-B75M-D3V...
  2. SD_Ryoko

    This I have not seen.

    I've been having problems installing ANYTHING in the last several days. Including Messenger live, the update for world of warcraft, and more. With the returned error codes, found many fixes on the net, involving renaming system files, or removing them. Unregistering services, rerunning...
  3. SD_Ryoko

    Malicious - Kara raid video

    My guild clearing Kara. First fraps video too. Bear with me. ^^ Link does not work anymore Must be played in an MPEG-4 player (Winamp, DivX player, etc)
  4. SD_Ryoko

    So, you're going to be shocked.

    Im so noob. Hmmm trouble finding information on building a warrior. For every guide I find, theres 50 other people shooting it down saying its wrong. I guess its all opinion. Each one posts "you have to have this" or "you have to have that" Plus nothing suits what "I" want to...
  5. SD_Ryoko

    Downtime, Lag and Problems

    Hiya. I apologize that often consumes a lot of resources. This is usually Monday nights during Silkroad server inspection periods, when players cant get in the game. Also sometimes the game servers are randomly down, causing spikes in traffic. TheHelper, Acehart...
  6. SD_Ryoko

    MySQL statement - entry length?

    Have a table with 2.5m+ entries. Want to delete all entries where text length is less than 4. Could make a loop that selects them, checks length, and deletes... But is there an easy SQL 'where' statement to get them all in one shot?
  7. SD_Ryoko

    Japanese tongue twister

    Japanese tongue twister
  8. SD_Ryoko

    Maps Page Updates

    I have fixed the maps page, and it should allow new map submissions and downloads! Please help test by submitting those desired maps! Thanks :D
  9. SD_Ryoko

    Maps page fixed

    Some of the script did not work with the new server settings. This has been fixed and I encourage you to test my changes by submitting new maps! Have fun.
  10. SD_Ryoko

    Silkroadforums Sitewide Changes will be restored shortly, with the following changes. Forum Cleaning The PM tables were dropped. This affects all users. It sucks but it was the most fair, non personal and least violating solution. Some threads that negativly affect other users will be cleaned. So a...
  11. SD_Ryoko

    Account restoration, post count, reputation

    If your account was lost, please create a new one. If you need your post count or reputation adjusted, please post here. Thanks :D Note: your post in this thread will be deleted once your account is fixed
  12. SD_Ryoko

    Offical state of TheHelper

    The server hard drive did die, and all data was gone. All we received was a short notice, and a statement that we would be allowed to restore our backups soon. There was little aid from the old hosting company to resolve this issue. So yes, somebody did "set the server up the bomb"...
  13. SD_Ryoko

    PRE Tags behave differently in IE, Mozilla

    My Reference: I am using the PRE tags for the 'code' statements within the posts. IE translates the newlines into pre-formatted lines. Mozilla does not. Therefore Mozilla 'code' is all on one line. If I add the line...
  14. SD_Ryoko

    Dominics fight online!

    Dominics fight was put online! Dominics second cage fight. Oponent was 5-0! Our boy is in American trunks with Punisher tattoo
  15. SD_Ryoko

    New Team Fighter Picture

    A new year, a new fighter picture. Whatcha think.
  16. SD_Ryoko

    Looking for a flash, and a vid

    There was a flash thing, where it showed you what looked like a womans body, slowly zooms out, and its some guys arm? And says 'YOURRRR GAY!' And There was a video on called 'crazy girl fight' and 'crazy girl fight 2' and those links are broken; I cannot find it ANYWHERE else :(
  17. SD_Ryoko

    Simple Login Script for small user base.

    First, save this into a file with a name. This file does all the work validating a user. protectit.php <? // Set up your accounts. $user_passwords = array ( "user1" => "password1", "user2" => "password2" ); $valid_user = 0; //Check login data first, then cookie data...
  18. SD_Ryoko

    Notpron Full Walkthrough, Hints, Cheats

    Tired of visiting 20 forums only to find hints and people who think its funny not to give to a real answer? The Full notpron walk through. * Note, notpron hates walkthroughs and sometimes changes the riddles. Notpron walkthrough, Notpron cheat, notpron help, notpron spoiler. AS...
  19. SD_Ryoko

    Possible new Modelling Project

    I gave up on modelling for WC3 for a long time, for several reasons. -Warcraft shades perfectly smooth textures triangularly, thus distorting it and it looks bad (The vettes body) -Warcraft shades perfectly seemed geosets unperfectly seemed (the vettes windsheild -Warcraft ruins texture...
  20. SD_Ryoko

    PICTURES! New computer, Cat, Snow, Yay.

    Pictures of my new computer. For all those who are enjoying warm weather; up yours. Picture of 'le gato de Ryoko'