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  1. Cookiemaster

    Using CEffectApplyForce as knockback?

    I've just been playing around with the CEffectApplyForce effect, it might be possible to use it for knockback-purpose. Amount seems to control how strong the push is, but value's higher than 1 don't seem to make the push actually higher. The actual distance the unit is pushed seems to be...
  2. Cookiemaster

    My thrown-together Shmup!

    [MAP] My thrown-together Shmup! I have created a shmup! Arrow keys to move, shift to focus (which is moving slower), z and x (shooting and bombs) are not yet implemented, because you're a medivac. Press "1" to spawn a battlecruiser, which will then fire ravens at you. This is completely...
  3. Cookiemaster

    Snippet IsCoordInTriangle

    What does it do? It "constructs" a triangle with the given points (AX,AY),(BX,BY),(CX,CY) and checks if point (DX,DY) is in it, returning a boolean. Using triangles, you could also check if a point is in a certain-shaped area. Simply use "or" conditions together with the triangle check...
  4. Cookiemaster

    Tileset limit.

    I wanted to use more sets, but the limit of 13 texture space hates me. However; with triggers it seems possible to bypass that limit. Example: Is there anyway to get past the texture space limit of the tilesets? And does modifying...
  5. Cookiemaster

    Floating text fail

    EDIT2: Problem solved. But it doesn't make sense. ;-; EDIT: Example: I made a damage/attack detection system the same way everyone does it, but when there's a lot of combat going on, the text that displays the damage sometimes...
  6. Cookiemaster


    Is there any way to use logarithms in Warcraft 3? (E.G. 10log(TEMP_REAL[1])=?)