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  1. sevensc

    How Do I Determine Which Unit Is Being Trained?

    I have a trigger that uses EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_TRAIN_START as it's event. There are 2 possible units that could be trained in order to trigger this event. What I need to know is, can I determine which unit has started its training? GetTriggerUnit() tells me which unit is doing the...
  2. sevensc

    Grimoire not working since no-cd patch?

    I use Grimoire to launch world editor, but ever since the last war3 patch, worldedit.exe "encounters an error" and crashes every time I try to launch it. Anyone know if there is a work around for this?
  3. sevensc

    Normalizing Lives in a TD

    I am looking for an effective and fair method o normalize lives as players are defeated in or leave from a vs. TD. Why it's Needed: If 6 players are playing with 20 lives each, by the time the game gets down to the last two players, they are fighting over 120 lives, and in the game I am...
  4. sevensc

    Unit Pathing Issue

    If a unit is issued an order to go to a point, and a player then builds or sells a tower altering the units original path, the unit will often walk the entire path that it "thought" it could have originally walked before realizing that the path is no longer valid. Is there a value that I can...
  5. sevensc

    AoE Frost Attack is Causing Movement Lag

    I have been playing around with a frost tower for use in a TD of sorts. I want it to have an AoE attack that slows all the damaged units - and I can get that going easily in any number of ways. The real problem is that when a player has a number of frost towers attack a group of units, the...
  6. sevensc

    Can conditions leak?

    Can a trigger condition leak? Should I be setting GetUnitTypeId and GetTriggerUnit to local variables, or is it fine this way since I am not manipulating them in anyway? Any help with this would be fantastic.
  7. sevensc

    Can a projectile from an ability be removed?

    Is there any possible way to kill/remove a missile/projectile from an ability/attack? I am currently attempting to use a modified shockwave spell as a missile/bullet in a game; however, the projectile doesn't stop once it hits it's first target. Is there a way I can force it to stop, or...
  8. sevensc

    Floating Text: TextTagLifespan vs DestroyTestTag

    I have been messing around a lot with floating text as of late but have been unable to get a good answer one way of the other: If I set a TextTagLifespan, do I still need to destroy the textTag?
  9. sevensc

    Unit-type Problem

    I have a trigger that replaces a unit using the line: call ReplaceUnitBJ( tempUnit, 'n00D', bj_UNIT_STATE_METHOD_ABSOLUTE ) But whenever I try and use a variable in the place of 'n00D', the unit doesn't get replaced - it simply disappears. I've tried using variable types "unit-type" and...
  10. sevensc

    Hotkeys not Shown/Active (Selling Units)

    Target Outcome: To have a unit shrine that... 1) Sells units (not train) 2) Can be upgraded (have a new set of units) 3) Have hotkeys shown/active for units 4) If the player hotkeyed the shrine (ie. ctrl+1) the shortcut will remain intact Explanation of what I have figured out/tried: If...
  11. sevensc

    Can a Sold Unit be affected by requirements?

    Ok, here's the issue: I have a structure that sells units (not train them) yet I want certain tech tree requirements to be filled before certain units become available. The problem is that "Techtree - Requirements" isn't affecting the unit when I add it to the structures "sold units"...
  12. sevensc

    Tutorial Using Barrage to Attack 2 targets

    Tutorial: Using Barrage to Attack 2 targets NOTE: This tutorial does not cover the basics of making a barrage ability and adding it to a unit/hero; however, If that information is requested, I will add it. It seems that it is commonly accepted that a unit/hero with barrage will have a...
  13. sevensc

    Barrage + Poison

    I have a tower that attacks using barrage, starting with 2 targets (and they say three is the minimum - ha) and can be upgraded to 7 targets max. The tower works perfectly it that aspect. The next step is getting it to add slow poison (or a similar effect) to each of it's targets. I've...
  14. sevensc

    Is it possible to make a region array?

    I understand that the GUI "region" global variable type is for rects and that there is no type for JASS regions. That being said, is there a way to can take a series of rects and turn them into an array of JASS regions? Could it be faked with a vars handler? Or a script of sorts? Any...
  15. sevensc

    Problem: Using Local Integer in a Loop, in a Function

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble with a local integer in a loop, in a function. This code works just fine, but it uses a global integer (udg_tempInteger): loop if RectContainsUnit(udg_regionsLeft[i], tempUnit) then set udg_tempInteger = i...