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  1. King TonGoll

    the right to repair: the fight against monopolization of the repair industry

    figured id post a thread, see what you all think about it.
  2. King TonGoll

    Noragami second season

    I figured I'd ask for some input seeing as the second season is on its 7th episode and I think the show is doing great. For those who don't know it's simulcast is streaming on funima tons website. Anyone watching this?
  3. King TonGoll

    Tom Mai: The Origins

    Nicely done man..... I remember when you joined you'r English is amazing man, odd for someone you don't know to say I bet but I'm proud to say i have seen a person grow :)
  4. King TonGoll

    Crime Russian cannibal ate gay date

    why dude have to be crazy? couldn't he just get along? "well.......i guess i wana eat someone.... i guess i have to. i mean, i really think i have got to try human meat.... ya know? so i guess i have to seduce a gay man into coming to my flat where i will stab him to death and butcher him...
  5. King TonGoll

    TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

    Sadly i don't know what you mean by that one, but i do love this site and all the effort you and so many others have put into it :)
  6. King TonGoll

    TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

    back in my day, i was the last person to voted into MVP, then it was taken down XD idk if it is back up or not.... but eh XD A GHOST FROM THE PAST HAS APPEARED. this was my first forum. :) i come back here every so often, just to see how things are :). found found memories. don't want to...
  7. King TonGoll

    Canada and U.S. have the most expsensive cellphone plans

    in panama, it doesn't cost you to take calls, only to call people.
  8. King TonGoll

    motorcycles! what to get?!

    yes im in florida, but it really doesn't rain that much.... and even if it did its not like ima be riding around doing flips and **** on a 250cc cruiser :P im sure ill be fine.
  9. King TonGoll

    How would you describe America's culture?

    there is a culture, a strong and lively one. you can go hunting, meet up in pow wows, fishing, treasure hunting, cook meals that were made by pilgrims, thanksgiving, forth of July. there is such a VAST amount of culture that people don't even bother with it. it is there though, and it...
  10. King TonGoll

    motorcycles! what to get?!

    I'm looking at 250cc's just cuz the gas mileage and I'm new to riding. I'm interested in a 2000 rebel, only problem is I'm 6 foot, and i hear they are trouble sum to taller people, any thoughts? im also eyeballing a shadow, but from what i understand they aren't as good on mpg. Selling the...
  11. King TonGoll

    Conspiracy Theories

    AND FROM THE BEYOND SECTION OF BED BATH AND BEYOND I COME. Reptilians, most RIDICULOUS conspiracy i have ever heard. honestly.... just sooooo ridiculous...
  12. King TonGoll

    Modern Sparta

    best. idea. ever.
  13. King TonGoll

    Legal Age of Consent

    ninva, i am in highschool, and they, no joke, only told us to not have sex. they didn't tell us anything else. theyr sole purpose is to push their religous agenda on students. thats it really. they don't teach about the pill, female condoms, male condoms, emergency contraceptives, or...
  14. King TonGoll

    Dilated Pupils

    drop the dope for a month and a week, go to the doctor, tell him your problem.
  15. King TonGoll

    A kiss, is it meaningful?

    a kiss is a greate way to exchange pharamones, so if your intention is to bring some one to the bed, its a great starter. however, it can to some people have great emotional level.
  16. King TonGoll

    Ebay, and expieriences

    i was going to pay for a majority, but ended up paying nothing, thanks to the guy sending more for faster shipping.
  17. King TonGoll

    Ebay, and expieriences

    SOLD MAH BROTHAS! finally success!!!!! im as happy as can be right now....
  18. King TonGoll

    Legal Age of Consent

    thats what i was trying to emply, and failed at -_-
  19. King TonGoll

    building a remote control?

    i have been looking on robotics site, but thats the idea :P im building everything from as close as i can get to schratch to lower production cost. i have a friend who is into programming and agreed to help me so i think ill be fine.
  20. King TonGoll

    Legal Age of Consent

    my understanding of what you said was this getting pregnant at a early age will be a struggle. and most people claim that struggle is for money etc etc. so i said that if its a money situation, where they would be hard with their income, theres plenty of responsible people in the same...