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    Ninja map need terrain / doodads :)

    Hey, im making a "ninja map", like warchasers etc., and i really need some custom doodads and maybe terrain, if anyone around there got some custom japaneese/asian stile houses, or something else - Please post. If not - i know it would take some time - can anyone make some? Just towers, houses...
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    Need help to fix my terrain ( World Editor )

    Hey, I need some help, i got a fine map, but the terrain... Just aint terrain. I need some help, where can i found some of that terrain like n' city's etc.? ( This maps ; ) And, The cliff's are so ugly, so how do i make them like walls ? City-style :D...
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    Have a few problems, Spawn, start location, waves, etc.

    Hey, this is my first thread/comment. I have alot problems so i would ask if any of you could just fix some of them. I start'd using editor a day ago, and already love it. If any of you remember "X hero siege", i'm making a map like that, here's the probs: 1: Waves, How?! i have actually no...