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  1. King TonGoll

    the right to repair: the fight against monopolization of the repair industry

    figured id post a thread, see what you all think about it.
  2. King TonGoll

    Noragami second season

    I figured I'd ask for some input seeing as the second season is on its 7th episode and I think the show is doing great. For those who don't know it's simulcast is streaming on funima tons website. Anyone watching this?
  3. King TonGoll

    motorcycles! what to get?!

    I'm looking at 250cc's just cuz the gas mileage and I'm new to riding. I'm interested in a 2000 rebel, only problem is I'm 6 foot, and i hear they are trouble sum to taller people, any thoughts? im also eyeballing a shadow, but from what i understand they aren't as good on mpg. Selling the...
  4. King TonGoll

    building a remote control?

    i have been looking for how to's on google, cant find one that is not specified to building a childs toy car. i want a signle function remote to a object i plan on building. i need to know how to build a remote completly costum to what i am doing, from allmost scratch, does anyone know...
  5. King TonGoll

    ROCK N ROLL!-Wesley Willis

    Wesley Willis is a schizophrenic singleman band. he has written hundred upon hundreds of songs! such as! Rock and roll mcdonalds birdman kicked my @ss My mother smokes crack rocks...
  6. King TonGoll

    Anarchist vs nationalist.

    who has the stronger views? and when i say anarchist, i don't mean the term most people have placed upon people who blow things up and run around killing people, no i mean what it actually means and thats the belief in no government. a nationalist as some one who believes in strong...
  7. King TonGoll

    Ebay, and expieriences

    How many members of TH are frequent ebay sellers or buyers or both? How many are not? im currently trying to learn the game myself, i have so much to sell on ebay like my wii, pokemon cards, old records of bands such as the beatles (hard days night) etc etc. so in this thread, post all...
  8. King TonGoll

    Tongoll's drawings

    OK i am starting to get into the art worl, so i am going to post some of the things i have drawn threwout a little bit of time.
  9. King TonGoll

    Help with microphone related topic

    what would you call it when you want to instead of talking threw a mic play music on your PC directly, i use to have this happen to me by mistake all the time, and i fergot how to controll it.... if some one could please remind me or tell me a good way please tell me.. i need it for a friends...
  10. King TonGoll

    4chan ultimate raid. they got themselfs on TV, this was really a raid run by the mudkip lovers, they attained epic lulz. it was aimed by them to get on TV and raid 4CHAN. it was posted on the net a while ago, just thought i would post this here lol...
  11. King TonGoll

    a veggie benge!

    Im going to not eat any form of meat, or animals. that includes fish and eggs, for 30 days. I do not believe a human can live of the left overs. I will allso not touch any premade/crappy foods, I.E capn crunch, cheetohs, etc etc. this starts next monday, and i need help on two things...
  12. King TonGoll

    The never ending Sacrifice

    *short story, kind of messed up* the Never Ending Sacrifice. Today, is a grand day. a day in witch justice prevails, a day of days. you wont hear me say that often, but today i decide ny fate, and the fate of those who Diminished me. those who brought hell upon me, those who must pay...
  13. King TonGoll

    lumix firmware DMC LC70

    I cant find the firmware for my lumix DMC-LC70 ANYWHERE! i think the error my cammara is giving me is from a retarded bug, it tells me to turn it off, and then back on whenever i turn it on outside of view or go into a shooting mode. wont let me record or take pictures of anything, but i cen see...
  14. King TonGoll

    don't let this happen to you.

    xWkZ_StRjU0 lol.
  15. King TonGoll

    Terrorism 'biggest threat to Olympic Games'

    TERRORISM is the biggest threat to next year's Beijing Olympics, a state newspaper today cited top Chinese security officials as saying. The report did not say which groups might target the Games, but China is home several restive minorities such as the Muslim Uighurs in the far western...
  16. King TonGoll

    Petraeus proposes Iraq troop cuts

    US forces in Iraq could be reduced by 4000 troops in December and could gradually hit pre-surge levels by mid-2008, the US commander in Iraq told Congress today. General David Petraeus would cut US combat ground forces by about a quarter, effectively ending the "troop surge'' in ten months...
  17. King TonGoll

    Son charged over Cheetos fight

    A 22-year-old man has been arrested for assaulting his father with a bag of Cheetos. Patrick Hamman started arguing with his father, Michael, on Sunday night. Patrick, who lives with his father in Iowa, picked up a bag of Cheetos and threw it at him, hitting him in the face...
  18. King TonGoll

    A day in shoes, my home work was over typed.

    A Day in Shoes. It was my first day at school, everything in the morning went, well to be honest, rather crude. The day starts out with me getting up at 6:30, way to early, I was finished getting dressed and all that jazz by well around 7:10. Now that would be an ok peachy but had it not...
  19. King TonGoll


    Anyone watch it? here is a link to the site. no laws broken it is free distribute. I love this move, i thought it was well made and made its points with solid information. But then again it would be stupid to say that without doing research on the things...
  20. King TonGoll

    What it is like to move into the u.s after 7 years of living in a 3rd world nation.

    [/SPOILER] ---------------------------------------DAY 2-3------------------ --------------------------------------day 4------------------------- ------------------------------------day 5------------------------------ ----------------------------------end of week one--------------...