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  1. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Or am I missing something? Is this box a life changer, the holy grail of containment systems? Seeing how the going rate for controllers is $500 on average...
  2. griff3125

    Why so expensive?

    Just curious, why are Nuon games and controllers so expensive? The prices seem to have skyrocketed over the past year or so. Currently there is an unopened Iron Soldier 3 on eBay for $1500! Controllers seem to sell for an average of $250. The going rate for Tempest always seems to be $80-$90...
  3. griff3125

    Any tips on Tempest 3000 on a 4k set?

    Running it on a Samsung 501 with component cables to a Sony 43" 850 4k set, the amount of blurriness is offsetting. I've turned off all the enhanced features on the set, am running it via standard mode. it's in 4x3 no stretching. My guess is that it's going to be blurry, especially the far...
  4. griff3125

    Looking for Tempest 3000

    Can't find it anywhere! Checked all the retro shops here, been checking thrift shops, scanning ebay and craigs, arrghh!! If anybody has a spare copy they'd like to sell, please let me know, thanks! *Edit* Thanks to the people on this board, all is good, Thanks!!!! p.s. How does one delete a...