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  1. xfirenzx

    First picture in PS

    I read some tutorials and tried some tricks they taught me. This is my very first image so don't go too hard on me. :)
  2. xfirenzx

    8 years for The Helper?

    I went to The helper's profile and it said he joined 8 years ago tomorrow. I was just wondering if thats when the forum started or not?
  3. xfirenzx

    Not able to touch a certain spot.

    I wanted it so when a unit touches a certain type of terrain they will die. This is my trigger so far. Dont Step There Events Unit - A unit owned by Player 1 (Red) Is issued an order targeting a point Conditions (Terrain type at (Position of (Triggering unit)))...
  4. xfirenzx

    Weird Green Dot

    I was testing a map earlier today and when i click my left mouse button and held it i noticed a strange green dot in the middle of my screen. Has anyone else ever noticed this before?
  5. xfirenzx

    What way a building is facing

    I was wondering how to change which way a building is facing. for example: Baracks look like this originally / facing to the left a bit but i wanted it to face | straight down.
  6. xfirenzx

    Different Views

    I was wondering if i could get a low view like in this picture.
  7. xfirenzx

    Leader boards

    I am thinking of buying The Frozen Throne expansion because i cannot find a good explaination on a leaderboard for Reign of Chaos. Im not looking for a straight up guide and the exact triggers but if anyone knows a link that may help me please post it. Im frustrated of searching. :banghead:
  8. xfirenzx

    Map file size too big.

    I made a map that is 90x90(around that) and whenever i try to host it the game says "map file too big". My map - 4.76MB (barely anything on it currently) Example of a big map - World of Warcraft RPG - 638Kb and that maps size is around 140x140 Anyone know why my map file size is so...
  9. xfirenzx

    Destroy units in region

    I need help with a trigger I made that is supposed to destroy all units a a certain region after two minutes but I cant get them to be destroyed. Here is my trigger so far Choose character timer start Events Time - Elapsed game time is 9.00 seconds Conditions Actions...