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  1. Gman101112

    PS3 Favorite PS3 Game?

    Just wondering what everyone at TheHelper's favorite PS3 games are. Personally, I like Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare. :thup:
  2. Gman101112

    World Editor Help

    Whenever I want to create a custom unit or mainly whenever i try to do anything in world editor, it will say that it's not responding, I'm not sure if it's just my computer or anything else. Help is very appreciated.
  3. Gman101112

    System restore help

    I am trying to restore my computer to July 11th but it wont let me past the 26th of october. Any suggestions?
  4. Gman101112

    Major virus problems

    Sup guys this is DarkChaosElf at Gmans house. So his laptop is pretty effed up. Apparently since he got it in December, he has used it to fulfill his "man needs" which we should know what that is. But! Not taking advice he has had no anti-virus or anything of the sort, and his laptop is now...
  5. Gman101112

    Problem downloading new patch

    I am trying to download the new patch for WoW and a message in a new window says in the middle of downloading: Google Desktop Search can cause problems installing Blizzard products. Please pause or close Google Desktop Search before continuing this installation. See...
  6. Gman101112

    Warcraft error

    I am trying to get on on WC3 but it says this "There was an error writing to your hard drive while trying to download a file from You may need to free some space. Please check your hard drive and try again." How would I go about doing that? This a new computer as well...
  7. Gman101112

    Your Favorite Dane Cook Stand-up Joke!

    I wanted to know "What are the good people at The Helper's, favorite Dane Cook moment?" So, I decided to ask. By the way here's mine, "Creepy Guy" gqTLAiBpcEg
  8. Gman101112

    Gaara Killed Barney!!

    Finally, Barney gets killed!! It just so happens to be by Gaara. vSKugoMWfiE
  9. Gman101112

    Nintendo 64 Kids "All grown up"

    I was looking at the remix of the Nintedo 64 Kids Video, when I found that they were on Good Morning America. "All grown up" 7zSRLHh521o Normal a8q-elxC6gU Remix DpJyG7B6tAI
  10. Gman101112

    Rate your teachers!

    It seems that every school has started a new year(Wow exiting...)!! Anyway I want to know how your teachers are(In your eyes of course)!! Math: I wouldn't say perky, but overall she's really a nice lady. She makes me laugh cause she's kind of disgusting. Science: Well, she doesn't stand...
  11. Gman101112

    Need help with custom avatar.

    I found an avatar that I wanted on a site that I found. It is the picture I have for my avatar now exept the "wtf" is supposed to light up blue and white. How do I make it so that it can change and move?
  12. Gman101112

    Favorite Linkin Park Song?

    What is your favorite Linkin Park song??? Mine is pushing me away Hybrid Theory
  13. Gman101112

    Home for the PS3

    I'm really looking forward to this coming out. it wont be long it comes out in November so not that long from now. This game is an online game where you buy furniture and go talk to other people and get a house and stuff. Anyone else looking forward to it??
  14. Gman101112

    El chupracabra its funny...

    Lol today im scaring my self but then i found this and i thought it was pretty funny sooooo... watch it trust me its not a screamer even though it looks like it E_OqZyDppUE&mode
  15. Gman101112

    Kisame is FredFredBurger!!!!!

    Lol while I was scrolling through stuff i typed in "kisame" and i was suprrised to find this i thought it was hilarious so i decided to post this :) 0D0UvfmuIV8
  16. Gman101112

    Who is your favorite Akatsuki member? (Naruto)

    I have found a recent love for the band of ninja Itachi and Kisame are in...The Akatsuki. I want people to post their favorite Akatsuki members. I encourage anyone who doesnt want spoilers to not look at these posts I also want everyones favorites in spoiler tags plz
  17. Gman101112

    Funny Naruto Animation Humor

    I found this on YouTube (duh) and I thought it was funny. This has animations of naruto people...and the voices of some movies. Some such as Elf, a whole bunch of movies with Adam Sandler in them, Austin powers and much more. Our Main presentation... O4W-k524kX4&
  18. Gman101112

    Funny Video Game Parioditys*

    Here are some Awesome videos I found (Literally they are called Awesome then the game name) But they were all pretty funny to me (mostly cause i played these games before...) But, here they are!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!! Resident Evil 4: tMbNPc4FqAw Donkey Kong: 8Yia1emMdjk Pac-Man...
  19. Gman101112

    Projekt Revolution Tour

    This is a thread that I decided I should start for all the rock lovers. If you don't like spoilers for this tour don't watch So all you MCR, LP, TBS and many other bands playing lets all talk about this concert!!! Personally, I loved this concert. MCR...
  20. Gman101112

    What's Your Favorite Cpu Game??

    I just want some people's opinions and maybe some people can get some ideas on some good CPU video games. My favorite CPU video game is Warcraft 3 :D