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  1. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    I remember trying remote and it only worked on a couple of games on my 501 and it was dreadfully unresponsive and impossible to play with. You'll need a controller for sure, maybe put a post in this forum, there are some decent people here that might have extras. Barring that, if you're...
  2. griff3125

    Tempest 3000 we should try to get Jeff Minter to help with an emulator

    Wishful thinking, I'd love to see that happen. Tempest 3K is still my favorite version, while I really enjoy the later iterations, the additional power-ups and the instant switch to a new level with lightening and NO steering(never liked that new feature)always made it the stand out above the...
  3. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Does the 2000 support CDR's? If not, I'd be more inclined to get the Samsung N501 as it definitely does, and you can pretty much find the entire catalog online, including a bunch of home-brew software. I see them pretty frequently for $69 to $100 on average.
  4. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    That's odd, they are up there, USA, 2 sellers for $495. I just typed "nuon controller".
  5. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Sadly they have custom chips in the controllers that make it impossible to jury rig one yourself, I've pretty much given up trying to find one for a reasonable price. Currently there are two, both at $495 from different sellers, I like Tempest 3k, but not that much. On a bright note, the empty...
  6. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Yep, that seems to be the going rate for awhile, it's nuts. But the empty box thing is totally off the wall loony tunes straight jacket insanity.
  7. griff3125

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Or am I missing something? Is this box a life changer, the holy grail of containment systems? Seeing how the going rate for controllers is $500 on average...
  8. griff3125

    Resurrecting Nuance

    Thanks for the update, it sounds like it's come quite a ways, if you need a 3rd party tester at any point, feel free to holler.
  9. griff3125

    Resurrecting Nuance

    I know it's still in testing, but any chance we could see an alpha soon?
  10. griff3125

    Resurrecting Nuance

    That looks fantastic, can't wait to try it out. What are your system specs? Also, thanks, your contributions to this are really appreciated!
  11. griff3125

    Resurrecting Nuance

    Wow, thanks so much for putting the work in nuance, it's the one system that truly needs to be emulated properly, especially with all the systems dying off and the controllers being mostly beyond reach. I wish I could help you, but it's Greek to me. But your interest and time in the emulator is...
  12. griff3125

    I want it, but not this much. lol

    That is insane ex-girlfriend cat lady crazy people in McDonald's stuff, absolutely no no no no no no no waaaaaaaaay!!!!!
  13. griff3125

    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas back at ya, I think we were on the same boat. Price was just too high for an untested and none-refundable item, if it's working, that was a sweet deal.
  14. griff3125

    please don't boot me. I so feel this. lol

    Haha so true! I stopped going ages ago exactly for the above, surprised they didn't cover the "It's new, we just open it for display purposes!" garbage. Anybody remember Software Etc?
  15. griff3125

    Nuon Tempest 3000 and Jaguar Tempest 2000 comparison.

    Did you try it with the background graphics turned off (helps keep the frame rate steady)and component cables, it definitely helps.
  16. griff3125

    Nuon Tempest 3000 and Jaguar Tempest 2000 comparison.

    Cool video, both versions are great, I think I sway more towards T3K because I love the feel of the web, it's very alive in the later levels. My only grudge with it, I wished Minter never put in the "loser!" clip, it's infuriating after awhile. I also really like TxK on the pstv, Tempest 4000, I...
  17. griff3125

    Samsung N501 is unresponsive

    Great info to know since so many are failing with time, thanks so much for posting the results.
  18. griff3125


    The hpi stealth is definitely better. The logitech, while it sports a very good analog stick, is basically broken out of the box. The range of the analog stick is blocked by the thick stem of the stick itself, it hits the round ridge too soon and limits the control. To get the full range, you'd...
  19. griff3125

    Why so expensive?

    Just curious, why are Nuon games and controllers so expensive? The prices seem to have skyrocketed over the past year or so. Currently there is an unopened Iron Soldier 3 on eBay for $1500! Controllers seem to sell for an average of $250. The going rate for Tempest always seems to be $80-$90...