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  1. Bronxernijn

    Best sound of 2007 (cars)

    Yup I not only love muscles, I love cars too.
  2. Bronxernijn

    Bodybuilding motivation

    The best :D Enjoy...
  3. Bronxernijn

    Call of Duty 4 multiplayer crashes

    Hey guys, just bought CoD4 from steam on sale :) Everything works fine, except for multiplayer mode. About once every 30 minutes it just randomly crashes... any ideas to why? Thanks!
  4. Bronxernijn

    Which of these to get?

    Alright I have a budget gaming PC in mind, I am just pondering about what processor to get. It is gonna be either: An Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or An Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 or An AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Most people prefer Intel, although the AMD looks to have better specs here. They...
  5. Bronxernijn

    Photoshop question

    Hello, I got more of a question than a request. I am making a logo with text for printing on a shirt. For the logo, I took an existing image, which uses more than 2 colors. For the printing, it is important that the image is strictly in 2 colors (so no duotone, 2 colors only). How can I do this...
  6. Bronxernijn

    strange browser text problem

    Dear people, I got a slight problem: When using IE, normal text is shown in italics, and when using firefox it shows bold text, where it should be normal text (however not on this site.) What could cause this?
  7. Bronxernijn

    Ability rawcodes

    Is it possible to access (and set!) ability rawcodes through JASS? I can remember a thread (not so old) that kind of had the outcome that it was somewhat possible. I just can not find it anymore.
  8. Bronxernijn

    System ideas

    Dear people, I would like to know: what kind of system would you like to see? I am fairly good at programming C++ and since some time I know JASS (and vJASS), which is actually much easier. Because I can't be bothered to fully write out scripts, and because I love libraries, I would like to...
  9. Bronxernijn

    Detect life after damage without using wait?

    Hello, I am back with another question. The code below does work; however, I'm not too keen on using waits and it seems the damage event is detected a split second before damage is dealt. How do I solve this without a wait? scope unitPlus initializer init globals private constant...
  10. Bronxernijn

    Simple JASS problem concerning last created unit

    Dear people, I tried something using the last created unit. All the code does is run the init function, it never gets to the second. What did I do wrong? scope unitPlus initializer init function try takes nothing returns nothing call DisplayTextToPlayer(Player(0), 0, 0...
  11. Bronxernijn

    Beginners' question concerning structs

    Dear people, I have a small problem. I am creating an object for use in the game (it is going to be expanded with other functions). This is the very first piece of JASS code I wrote. Somehow it does not do what it is supposed to (spawn a footman at the center of the region after 5 seconds). I...
  12. Bronxernijn

    Newgen Grim Extensions do not work

    Hey people, I tried to post this on WC3C but somehow my posts get instantly deleted. Anyhow, I got a slight problem: the grim extensions do not work in newgen! For example, when clicking 'edit tileset', a GUI is supposed to pop up, which it doesnt. BTW feel free to move, this section felt...
  13. Bronxernijn

    Call of Duty 2 graphics problems

    Hey everyone, I have a problem with Call of Duty 2 (which I recently bought). In multiplayer mode, high quality textures work fine with 800x600. However, if I switch to 1024x768, I have a maximum of 30 fps, even when textures are set to low quality. What is the problem here? FYI: AMD Athlon...
  14. Bronxernijn

    Beginners question

    I have read some JASS tutorials and I am an experienced programmer, so that is not the problem. The problem is that I do not understand how and when triggers run. For example, I looked through the triggers of a space shooter map which was made in JASS, but I couldn't discover any sort of event...
  15. Bronxernijn

    Secrets of wrestling

    Secrets of pro wrestling. Enjoy!
  16. Bronxernijn

    System Arrowkey-controlled Camera

    The system hasn't been tested in a full game yet. Tested for individual players 1 and 2. It works in theory though. Map includes unit and demo trigger, so the map can be played so you can see what I mean. This readme is also included with the map. Fully compatible with scrollwheel zooming! --=...
  17. Bronxernijn

    Butt Face Kid

    Heya, I found this vid to be pretty funny. I havent seen this elsewhere on the forum. PS: maybe this should be in the video thread link:
  18. Bronxernijn

    Guild Wars Alliance

    Hey everyone, I have played Guild Wars for a year now and I have been officer and guild leader within the imperial guards alliance. ( It seemed fun to me to start my own guild/alliance. Oninuva got into the imperial guards, and he left soon and asked me to start a...
  19. Bronxernijn

    Need Help with monitor

    Hello, my monitor shows horizontal static with dark colors. (The static looks like horizontal bars in a brighter color of random thickness and position, They cover about 50% of my monitor). Anyone knows how this is possible and if its solvable? Thanks!
  20. Bronxernijn

    Star Wars racer problems

    Hello, I have a problem with the Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on my windows XP pc. I installed the game and downloaded the fixed version for xp. However, when I start the race I can't boost. I will explain how it works. Once you hit a certain speed, a green light starts to shine. Then you...