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  1. Glivee

    Return to Form?

    Damm, havnt been here in ages. :D
  2. Glivee

    Gaming Blizzard releases Warcraft 3 assets to StarCraft 2 modders

    Me and Tooblet are totally going to start digging into making The Exiled 2.0 now. Awesome news!
  3. Glivee

    Crime China corruption: Record cash find in official's home

    Well it is mentioned in the article that 4 of the 16 machines broke down while counting, i guess they just added a random number instead of continue the count on other machines. $2.2m into the presidents pocket.
  4. Glivee

    Crime Ohio Man Who Cannot Stop Having Sex With Pool Rafts Arrested Again For Having Sex With Pool Raft

    Loool! I dont even wanna think about what would happen after a few more:D
  5. Glivee

    General Not punished, but late back from lunch: Teenagers hack ATM by reading the instructions

    "...ATM's are the salvation of diehard Windows XP userswho, it seems, can re-enable updates for the operating system by telling their PCs that they are ATMs." XP users are saved! And while updating you can withdraw endless money! :D
  6. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Thanks for the feedback Vypur! Im just about 6 months late with this reply but ill update you with another picture!;)
  7. Glivee

    [Comic] More

    Awesome work Vypur!:D Really like the second one:P ~Best regards Glivee
  8. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Newest painting:) Swedish bombshell lol:
  9. Glivee

    Layout For Roller Coaster Game

    Is this only going to be about building coasters or something similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon? I think the idea is neat and nice and when it comes to 3D in hand held devices i prefer simplicity any day of the week. Looks good mate!
  10. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Have 2 new pieces for you guys! One of my girlfriend once again! And one of a tattoo that i made a rough sketch of in memory of his lost dad: ~Regards Glivee
  11. Glivee

    Iron Man Mark III Costume

    Damn that's awesome! ;)
  12. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Thanks mate! Just finished my contribution to an Easter-Gaming competition held by a nordic company :) E: We were only allowed to use Ms Paint aswell :D Enjoy! ;) ~Glivee
  13. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Hello! Ill start with this one and will continue posting as the are done! GF as Night Elf! :)
  14. Glivee

    Picture of GF :)

    Ill have the reference-picture uploaded soon:P
  15. Glivee

    Picture of GF :)

    Drew one of my favorite pictures of my GF with an incball pen ( scary as hell ). :) ~Glivee
  16. Glivee

    Some WIP - Now i need the body:D

    Haha Thanks for all the posts though! Can't always get nice comments since that wont make me inprove!:D Ill get right into the body and flaws;) ~Yours Sexy Lingerie babe, Glivee