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  1. Bronxernijn

    Sci/Tech Genes for Breast Size Found

    Sounds like a ForeverAlone's dreamjob!
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    Health Man With 100-Pound Scrotum, Turns Down Free Surgery Offer

    Haha when I read the name to go with the avatar it all made sense. I was thinking 'this guy sounds an aweful lot like FireCat!' Anyways, what that sentence means is that he states he doesn't do it for fame. He's just scared of the complications that might come along with the free operation...
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    World New Zealand drinking game Possum: Drink till you fall out of a tree

    I have never been against idiots thinning out the gene pool and leaving more women for me. Why didn't I think of this?
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    Sci/Tech This Is How Asteroid Mining Will Work

    Jon Stewart calls B.S. on asteroid mining
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    Health The healing treatment of using sugar and honey is now making a comeback of 4000 years

    Antibiotics don't have any effect on people. They don't get resistant to them. :rolleyes:
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    Report Science: 80 percent of humans are delusionally optimistic.

    a group of 19 individuals is not a valid sample size. Experiment discredited.
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    Hey, thanks for that!

    Hey, thanks for that!
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    Discussion The fast food thread

    Why can't they just report that Jack serves bacon shakes now? Why be so goddamn moralising about it by adding the calorie numbers and feel 'relieved' it won't be around forever?
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    US News 'Rape tag': The 'disgusting' new schoolyard game

    Oh mah gawd, mah kidz r havin sex!
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    Sci/Tech Duck for cover, here comes the laser-guided bullet

    I don't think it's necessarily a good thing that it's becoming easier to kill a human being.
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    Crime Police kill Autistic 15 year old armed with butter knife

    These stories make me mad as hell.
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    recording calls to call centers

    When agreed upon it is legal, unless your region holds specific laws against this. A reason is not needed. Continuing the call on their side after you inform them would imply an agreement.
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    Why should they? I don't see any arguments to support that idea, therefore I don't think males should have any say in the issue. I could give you some contra-arguments, but those are irrelevant until some good arguments pro come up.
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    A Math Question

    This should do it!
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    US News SOPA Gets Shelved.

    So I have a little longer to download all my favorite x-rated videos to my PC, it seems...
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    Report Study: Men with deep voice may be lacking in sperm.

    'While those men with the deeper voices did show lower sperm counts than the other men participating, all sperm counts measured in the study were within healthy parameters.' As in: more than enough to get a woman pregnant. Still a bit of a trade-off there. Testosterone is known for working...