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  1. Grags_1977

    Is Reforged worth it?

    That was inadvertently a very marketable reply. Thank you :)
  2. Grags_1977

    Is Reforged worth it?

    Title says it all really. I only found out that this thing existed yesterday (10/09/2020). I read a few reviews to find they are very negative, though they were aimed at the campaign. My love for Warcraft 3 was never the campaign but the World Editor. But I was unable to find much information...
  3. Grags_1977

    Easy question :)

    I think i've done it. Took all day! But this is the result. function Trig_Build_2_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local real x = GetRectMinX(gg_rct_Cave_1) local real y loop exitwhen x > GetRectMaxX(gg_rct_Cave_1) set y = GetRectMinY(gg_rct_Cave_1) loop exitwhen y >...
  4. Grags_1977

    Easy question :)

    Hi, I'm trying to add this... If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Terrain type at (Point(x, y))) Equal to Underground - Grey Stones Then - Actions Destructible - Create a Line of Sight Blocker at (Point(x, y)) facing (Random angle) with...
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    In range, Change to hostile.

    Thank you both. Went with KaerfNomekops Idea. Worked a treat thanks a lot! +Rep EDIT: Hmm how does one give rep these days?
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    In range, Change to hostile.

    ok, I'm trying to make my Hostile units Passive until a player gets too close. So far i've not been able to figure out a decent way to do this without doing a trigger for every single hostile unit in the map. Any ideas? EDIT: Example Blah Events Unit - A unit comes within...
  7. Grags_1977

    Probably a simple question. RichTextBox VB.Net 2005

    How do I do this Example programatically?, Please the easiest and most simple way :) Also, if possible. is there a way to determine if the user has clicked on the highlighted text? P.S Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times. I've looked high and low all over the internet for...
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    Towers Not Replacing

    Hey Slayerxx, Just a heads up mate. But in future when posting triggers. It's a lot easier for us to read and help you out if you post them inside WC3 Tags. Example:
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    Map Lags

    Depends how many unused units there are. He means the units might be stocking up. You need to destroy unit groups, regions, points, special effects, player groups. As if these are not destroyed they are held in memory eating all your RAM causing lag. There are other things that leek, but you...
  10. Grags_1977

    Need ideas for my mountains.

    Thanks a lot for the reply Merlinds. Like I said in my +rep message, i'm downloading a huge file atm and my internet is very slow. So i'll have a look at them tommorow. +rep for an awesome reply.
  11. Grags_1977

    Map Lags

    I haven't looked at the map, but I can tell you right now, it's probably leaking heavily. I'm downlaoding a HUGE file atm, so my internet is very slow or i'd link you to a tutorial on fixing leaks. My advice is to do a search on leaks. They're very easy to remove and doesn't require much at all.
  12. Grags_1977

    Need ideas for my mountains.

    Ok so i've added a huge mountain range, and there's lots of places to go on them etc. But I don't know what to do with them. I know what Items are going to be there and abilities etc. But I don't know what content to add. I really want to turn the whole thing into a massive bandit camp. But I...
  13. Grags_1977

    A unit takes damage / Is hit by a spell.

    This is the knockback system i'm using. It takes some configuring and getting used to. But it does the job.
  14. Grags_1977

    Spells That Lag?

    I had this problem with one of my spells not that long. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the problem was. So I changed the spell it was based of to something else and that fixed it. If you've based it of channel just double check you've not got the same OrderID on another spell.
  15. Grags_1977

    Reward for map exploring

    And going down the item road adds more fun uncovering the map. The items don't need to be just experience. You can all sorts of different power ups in these locations. I like the idea and am nicking it myself. :)
  16. Grags_1977

    Unexplained crash?

    Sounds like your World Editor is bugged. Restart your computer and see if that helps If not, it's time to reinstall I think :(
  17. Grags_1977

    Units Returning to Previous Region

    I allways get this problem when setting up patrols. Hostile units allways want to return home, back to where they were orginally placed. I've never been able to figure out why. My workaround has allways been a periodic trigger that forces them to carry on the path. This is one example...
  18. Grags_1977

    Unexplained crash?

    Have you reset the fields and tried again to make sure it is this the tooltips?
  19. Grags_1977

    Ability Animation in Object Editor

    I was just looking for short cuts. I'm happy to carry on using the custom script. As the model i'm using is Grabers Villager255 model. And as anyone who uses that model knows. He has 255 different animations. And they are all variations.
  20. Grags_1977

    Moving Units within a Region

    Custom Scripts are just JASS code. This page might be useful to you. However, I know next to nothing about Jass. A more qualified Jass user may point you in a better direction. Generally, GUI users mainly use Custom Scripts to remove leaks.