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    Tutorial Quest Types and How to Make them

    Cool Well thanks to the guy who made this to begin with, but it was difficult to follow. Im hoping someone can help me figure out the part in the Item Recovery Tutorial part. Actions Set Questcomplete(Player number of owner of Hero manipulating item) equal to Questcomplete(Player number...
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    Nets on characters

    Thanks guys! Whoa, talk about a timely response! Thanks for the help, Im fairly useless with variables though... Dont understand them/how to use them at all. Ya did remind me that there was a much simpler way of achieving the same goal. (your bit about finding a doodad) I took a...
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    Nets on characters

    Howdy folks, Im very new to using world editor, and am hoping that someone will be able to spare some time to answer a question or two. I am attempting make a quest where you are rescuing a character. The character is an Neutral Passive female villager. I was hoping there was a way to...