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    Storing class object

    With PHP, is there a way to store a class instance in a MySQL database?
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    [Recruiting] RPG Project

    Fix the screenshots links please.
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    Template Projectile Template!

    Total waste, you could do this: local real x2 = GetLocationX(GetSpellTargetLoc()) local real y2 = GetLocationY(GetSpellTargetLoc()) With this you don't have to declare another variable and handle the location.
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    Template Projectile Template!

    Why use locations? It is much slower than coordinates.
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    Undeclared function HAIL_H2I

    You need to do this: library ConflagD requires HAIL
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    Spell [vJASS] Thunder Storm!

    BJs = Functions that use natives. There is always a way to make a code without using BJs.
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    Block damage spell sometimes heals the unit

    I'm not sure it'll work I think you need to check if the ability level is 0. If you check if the ability level is 1, then it means the hero learns it the second time, not the first time.
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    [FPS Map] Gunners Conqueror Exiled :: The legend, the truth, the untold ::

    Could you please post some screenshots?
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    Block damage spell sometimes heals the unit

    Change your condition function to: private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return (GetLearnedSkill() == 'A036' and GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetTriggerUnit(), 'A036') == 0) endfunction Meh sorry I'm just with NewGen closed.
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    [Release] Empires 2.1

    New version doesn't mean new thread, update your old thread.
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    Spell [vJASS] Thunder Storm!

    Wow, you were actually using IsUnitAliveBJ and GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatching. BJs = bad and you used a few more. Inline them because they slow down.
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    Tool W3 Tooltip Creator

    Any chance for open source for this?
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    Attaching units to... a unit?

    Well PUI will be the answer of course. I'm not sure but I think there is a none-vJass version of PUI. Anyway, PUI is a system that assigns a unit with a unique id. So you make a unit array and assigns unit to the array member of the unit you want to attach to.
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    Need a variable?

    The less calls you have, the faster it'll be.
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    System Slide Movement

    This should be in Tutorials and Resources.
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    Spell Meat Hook

    You could save the first 2 sentences, no one here cares about what makes a DotA player 'pro' or 'noob'.
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    Spell Meathook

    Why change the name when it has already, Meat Hook. It's the same as in DotA I don't see any need for a change just write "I made my version of Meat Hook from DotA".
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    Spell Meathook

    You didn't get me. TT is using 1 timer for few instances, not only 1 instance. The meaning of a constant function is that it returns a constant value, hence the real you will get after the calculations will be constant.
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    Spell Meathook

    TT is the fastest attachment system for short interval timers (<0.04 or something), and the fact is using 1 timer for all is just great. Another thing, make your Damage and Range functions constant, it's slightly faster. I see no reason why this should be approved, sorry. There is...
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    Spell Meat Hook

    He added that pause because this is the way it's in DotA.