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    Non existant, New Idea! :D

    Sounds like an rpg with less features.
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    Model Visibility

    All I could find was model collision. I encased the model perfectly with collision and that didn't seem to do anything. +rep for the idea though. Edit: I found an option called "Calculate Bounds" and that did exactly what I wanted! I was manually setting the bounds radius thinking it was...
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    Model Visibility

    Model Request Edit: Anybody have a cube model they could post? I've looked everywhere. Edit 2: I tried making one that was 128x128x768 but it would disappear if the camera wasn't focused on more than half of it. Is there some setting I'm missing?
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    No idea what you're talking about. I was :thdown: you for claiming an opinion as fact with no...

    No idea what you're talking about. I was :thdown: you for claiming an opinion as fact with no evidence.
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    2 simple questions

    1. 8mb 2. does not look fun to read ._.
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    When Starcraft 2 comes out, Will anyone ever be on warcraft 3?

    take heed in the post dates before quoting someone half a year ago. i might switch over to sc2 to take part in potential free/premium map wars just for giggles (creating free versions of premium maps). edit: didn't find anything on the interface of the editor but the fps looks cool in this...
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    can't hear other players wc3

    no firewall. i've tried hosting on several computers through the network and hardwired.
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    can't hear other players wc3

    no messages without the router. i don't think i disconnect every game like punwisp suggests
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    can't hear other players wc3

    Unless somebody is hosting with a bot, I can't hear players without hosting capabilities. In most cases, this means nobody is talking and it's pretty boring. The odd part is that it wasn't always like this. A few months after playing wc3, it happened suddenly. Private messages still come...
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    new tower issues

    Nah cpu temps range from 25-30 celcius. I figured out the problem though. The fan in the old tower had a 3 pin case mount fan. The new one is a 4 pin which connects directly to the psu. So, the motherboard can't even find the system fan. I heard you could disable the fan's temp reading in...
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    new tower issues

    edit: resolved
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    real time chat

    I'm looking for a language that'll relay to other people in the chat room that someone has sent a message, and then update their chats. This would be easy to do in java but I'd like to avoid nasty applets... I should probably mention this is all in the web browser. thanks :)
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    Allow Host to skip Cinematic

    trigger - add new event
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    TheHelper isn't stylin'??

    install the addon for Adblock Plus called Element Hider or something. It has a utility to select an element from a website and gives you the option to filter it. Instead of filtering it, use it to find out the name of the white part and hide it.
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    TheHelper isn't stylin'??

    Luckily, that white part has an id so just add: TD#header_right_cell{display:none;}
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    TheHelper isn't stylin'??

    you call "td[align=left]" multiple times. shouldn't be a problem, just ugly. "url(MyImage)" is not really an url. You need to call the image via hyperlink or within a directory, including the filetype extension. example: url( or, if your website is google...
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    The difference between computers

    A better idea is to pick either a laptop or desktop with windows XP. Vista actually lowers fps in most games. - Laptop should solely be for mobility - Desktops are for power (gaming/whatever) You can game on a laptop but the higher end models are ridiculously expensive compared to a desktop...
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    TheHelper isn't stylin'??

    table {background-color:#fff;} should do it what's with the !important? I've never seen that before. You should have this so far: @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain("") { TD[width="160"]{display:none;}...
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    TheHelper isn't stylin'??

    Try this in Stylish. It should get rid of the entire left hand side.