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  1. MrBrooks

    Help selecting a monitor please.

    I highly suggest the ASUS VE248Q 24" LED Backlit monitor that you linked in your post. Why? It's $10 cheaper than the Viewsonic monitor and it has more device support than the Viewsonic. This monitor has a Display Port, HDMI, DVI and VGA. You can't go wrong with it and it's from Asus, a great...
  2. MrBrooks

    Need help picking up an External Drive and need advice please =)

    When buying one of the external hard drives, make sure they're either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. If you have 3.0 then great, you have a better advantage over 2.0. Also format the hard drives to NTFS so you can accept larger than 4GB transfers at one time. Western Digital - My Book 3TB External Hard...
  3. MrBrooks

    Help customizing a computer build please!

    You're better off building a computer from scratch as it's cheaper. The SSD should work with the Intel Smart Response Technology. If you have a wireless network router then the Wireless card will work with it, provided the wireless network router supports the B, G or N selections (which most...
  4. MrBrooks

    Youtube and Ebaumsword vids have no sound

    Here are a few solutions that have come to mind: 1. At the bottom right of the Windows Task bar you will see the Volume icon. Click on it once and then click on Mixer. You should see Speakers and System Sounds at the very least. Open your web browser and go to YouTube and find a song. Here's...
  5. MrBrooks

    Technology MacBook Pro Retina has SOLDERED MEMORY

    I dislike all Apple products simply for the fact that they: 1. Update their products every 6-8 months 2. Other products out-perform them <month after release or announcement 3. They cost stupid amounts 4. You can build a computer twice as fast for the same price, at best lower. About 50% of an...
  6. MrBrooks

    K3B/Optical Drive trouble

    No harm in enabling all of the ports as there are no devices connected to certain ports so no unnecessary power is withdrawn. I'm glad it's working, no problem.
  7. MrBrooks

    PS 3 Controller or 360 for PC games?

    Games that use the Games for Windows Live (GFWL) software will normally have support for the Microsoft Xbox 360 style USB controller as they provide the function in the settings menu of the game. Games that don't use GWFL may also have the controller function supported through the settings...
  8. MrBrooks

    K3B/Optical Drive trouble

    Check that the cables are plugged in correctly. Also the optical drive won't appear in the boot sequence until it's enabled in the devices section. Sometimes Operating Systems and BIOS resets can change the custom settings back to default. For example, SATA drive port 1 is enabled but SATA drive...
  9. MrBrooks

    K3B/Optical Drive trouble

    It sounds like it could be a few things: 1. The drivers are missing from the Ubuntu Operating System so you will have to do some searching for them. 2. The optical drive isn't enabled in the BIOS.
  10. MrBrooks

    Sci/Tech Apple moves to ban Samsung's Galaxy SIII handset in the U.S.

    Yes that's another thing, what are these patents? I hope we'll find out soon enough. Thanks, I didn't realise!
  11. MrBrooks

    Sci/Tech Apple moves to ban Samsung's Galaxy SIII handset in the U.S.

    Apple has moved to ban Samsung's new Galaxy S3 handset in the U.S., saying it infringes two Apple patents. The companies have been locked in a patent battle on several continents for years - but Apple's latest move targets a key handset for Samsung, seen also as a 'standard bearer' for Google's...
  12. MrBrooks

    Choosing a laptop

    No problem. Below I have listed 4 laptops. They're from a UK site but should be available in your region and the prices you can convert.* Asus X53SC-SX041V (Link) Guide Price: £588.00 (inc. VAT) Processor: Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2.0GHz (Quad Core) Memory: 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA...
  13. MrBrooks

    Choosing a laptop

    There are 5 Vaio laptop series to choose from. Within each series there are different specifications of the series. There are two categories to choose from: configurable models and pre-configured models. With the configurable models you can choose your processor (i3, i5, i7), the type of RAM...
  14. MrBrooks

    Sci/Tech Goodbye to Windows Live (and Whatever It Meant)!

    Microsoft Visual c++ Microsoft .NET Framework WMP10 Microsoft Office
  15. MrBrooks

    Discussion Virtural Processor Software?

    Ah well it seems to be working fine when I use it, better than FRAPS actually.
  16. MrBrooks

    Discussion Virtural Processor Software?

    There's a piece of software called Dxtory that records using the GPU performance, not the CPU performance. So you can play games and record at the same time.
  17. MrBrooks

    Computer freezes randomly

    I have a feeling it's to do with your RAM. Try using one memory module and try it in all 2/4 slots on your motherboard.
  18. MrBrooks

    Retina display Macs... on their way!

    Macs don't live up to gaming standards. Never have done, never will do. Apple never learn.
  19. MrBrooks

    Sci/Tech Google Chrome knocks Internet Explorer off the top spot as the world's favourite web browser

    When I read the article yesterday, that was the first thing that popped in to my head. I understand it though, Internet Explorer comes with Windows so when a general customer comes to buy a laptop, they don't care about the software. They only care about if it's good enough for what they need.
  20. MrBrooks

    Critique my build <$1000

    Always check the specifications of products before final purchase. You may end up buying something you won't need or isn't compatible. Your motherboard will support 7.1ch sound. 1440x900 is one up from the average laptop resolution. If you are going to play games and such, which I assume you...