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    Iconpack WoW Icon Pack [~1660 Icons]

    Many of the icons are the same, the only difference is that some of the icon-names ends with an S and looks exactly the same as the icon WITHOUT an S. Also, i noticed that these "S-icons" have a small black extra frame arounds it.
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    Random Loot

    I've actually had a random dropsystem that worked pretty good. Could'nt find any leaks in it and it were pretty random. Gonna see if i can find it somewhere.
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    I need some help on creating a "Chained/Linked" Campaign(Rpg).

    Sorry for "stealing" the thread for a question, but does this work in Multiplayer? For example, loading several heroes for several players?
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    Movement Speed

    Uhm... Imp Midna just did that...?
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    Attack consume charged item

    That is pretty easy actually. Just make the Item Chargeable, wich you probably already done. There is GUI tag's for this. Event A unit is attacked Cond Attacker is Hero AND HeroUnit has item Well, just force the Hero to use a charge of the item.
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    Changing map in multiplayer?

    Hey. Have some quick questions. Going to make an RPG for more then one player. However, i wanna be able to change map for e.g dungeons etc. I know this is possible for singplayer(Founding of Durotar etc) Is it possible to do it in multiplayer without people getting kicked, or ending up in 4...
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    Warning/Info/Note Text

    The standard textmessages are changeable, however i think they are in the MPQ so you'll change them for the entire game and not just your map.
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    WIP Headhunters (PvP ORPG - Recruiting)

    Well, i'm pretty skilled on most In-Editor things if you want help. I do suck on external stuff like modeling, Jazz etc. Want me to look at anything special?
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    Making neutral players' units behave as normal

    Try using a computer player (For an example Player 2 Blue) As soon as the hero or whatever enters a sector, damages a unit or even takes damage from a Neutral unit, give the unit to the computer players wich should remove leashes etc. Also, by locking the color on the unit will make it having...
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    Leak custom aura triger. Need help.

    Assign your Hero/Heroes to a Variable and/or Array. Then you can pick ONLY those characters instead of picking every single unit on the map.
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    Custom Campaign Computer AI

    Well, you can probably solve this by digging around in the AI editor for a while.
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    count units in region

    You maybe can use a trigger that decrease the number everytime a unit of a certain type and/or owner dies within the region.
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    Remove/add glow on heroes?

    Hi. Been pretty inactive on this site for a while, but are now back in the saddle again and are currently working on a pretty big RPG project. However i got some issue i don't seem to find a way around at this moment. Q: When adding units and heroes i noticed that Heroes have a glow around...
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    Custom Unit's - Marine with Shield

    Hey. Been a WC3 mapper/moder for several years, but now i follow the tech and advances into Starcraft II editor. The first thing i noticed is that it is a huge difference in how to create/modify units. Imo it's not that very logic anymore. A unit need so many different files/data instead of...
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    Multiboard Question

    Well. If you find trouble in adding information to your already existing Multiboard then save the information in it. Delete the multiboard and make a new one. With the old information + the new one. Example: player1 choses a warrior. Save Info from board -> Delete StandardBoard -> Create...
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    A Re-used variable. Will it leak?

    Yes. But i WANT it to override the old value. Since it's the same unit who will cast the same spell, the old information is useless anyway. Otherwise i must make a new variable(or use a LARGE array) for each spellcast wich IMO would take more memory.
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    Quick question.

    Blink Example Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Blink Actions Set BlinkTarget = (Target unit of ability being cast) Set BlinkDestination = ((Position of BlinkTarget) offset by 100.00 towards...
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    Cinematic Problem

    If it is during cinematics mode-ON it shouldn't matter. Just try it out.
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    Stun doesn't interrupt channeling

    If I understood it right, the problem was that the unit automatically re-channels the spell after the stun.
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    A Re-used variable. Will it leak?

    I've always been careful with variables & specialeffects. Always removing them. First because i most often don't want the special effect to stay. The second is of course to save memory. Question: Will a variable(point) leak if i use it many times? For an example. Unit X casts an ability...