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  1. Beetlebomb

    Not-talking portrait problem

    Yesterday I found a thread with another group of people explaining the same problem. It was on this forum too, so I'd look around and ask the person how he figured it out. --Beetle
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    Adding a progression/loading bar in-game?

    appreciate the help! I actually figured this out quite a while ago, but thank you for answering it for others who need this same thing to be answered. --Beetle
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    Not-talking portrait problem

    posting the map would probably encourage other people to assist you with your problem. I personally don't know much about the portraits, so I apologize for not being able to help you further. Someone should get to you soon if they can see it with their own eyes. --Beetle
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    how to remove grass and bushes?

    Beat me to it!
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    Add ability to Unit using Triggers

    Why are you asking for the attacking unit to equal 1? Is there a purpose to it? Also, your actions might not include adding it to the unit, just enabling it and then showing it. :) --Beetle
  6. Beetlebomb

    Adding a progression/loading bar in-game?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to add a simple bar that depletes over a given amount of time. Smoothly if possible. Would I need to create my own if it doesn't exist? If so, can you explain it or lead me to somewhere that can? I've only been able to find the boss'...
  7. Beetlebomb

    Using the Data Editor's 'Turrets' on a Marine?

    I'm trying to learn how the 'turrets' tab in the data editor works. I hope my assumptions are right in that the turrets are supposed to shoot projectiles even while the unit is moving, right? If not, I'd like to learn how to do exactly that. Currently my Marine can shoot photon cannons, which...
  8. Beetlebomb

    Whenever my barracks Trains a unit, it turns into it!

    I've ran into this bizarre problem and I have no idea as to why my barracks turns into a marine, yet still maintaining the look of a barracks. Also, the marine is trained. Any ideas? Tyvm ahead of time! --Beetle
  9. Beetlebomb

    Editing Units make a duplicate in the Data Editor?

    I'd like to know how to have my barracks use the edited Marine instead of the default though. Regardless of my changes, it will only use the defaulted Marine with the 'Train Marine" ability command. Any Ideas? --Beetle
  10. Beetlebomb

    Editing Units make a duplicate in the Data Editor?

    Hey guys, Currently my goal is to have a building that, when it trains a unit(its instant), 5 of the given units are spawned at a region. I'm working on editing the Marine Mineral cost from 50 to 100, but I want to keep everything else the same-- even the barracks. Whenever I change...
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    Stacking Doodads, Rotating Axis, and Defined Variation?

    Yes, or if I were to put groups of grass tilted slightly on the edge of a cliff. How do I look up Doodads in the Data Editor? Edit: Also, I'm managed to somehow make all my doodads disappear on my screen, however they still appear in the minimap so i know they're not gone. How can I...
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    Stacking Doodads, Rotating Axis, and Defined Variation?

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully someone can find/think of a better way to use the axis rotation. --Beetle
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    Stacking Doodads, Rotating Axis, and Defined Variation?

    Rotating Axis, and Defined Variation? Hey guys, I know turning a doodad 360 degrees is child's play, but is it possible to put doodads on their side as well? I'd like to place certain environmental doodads on its side for more realistic terraining. Also, Is there a way when placing...
  14. Beetlebomb

    Project: Minigame Mania!

    Just popping in to say good luck with your new project, Fulla. I've loved everything you've produced in the past, so I'm very happy to see you and your crew working in SC2 now! --Beetle
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    Real life portal gun!

    Lol! That really made me laugh.
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    Video I wish Bill Maher would run for president.

    I agree with the above 100%
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    Life's Simple Pleasures

    Life travels past you faster than you can imagine. One moment you're at school and the next you're planning your daughter's wedding. It truly is one big rush to the next chapter of a book that isn't looking so very long after all. When will it ever stop? I remember appreciating the birds and...
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    Sad News for the People in the Starcraft 2 Beta!

    You beat me to updating my own thread :(...
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    Owned Tekkan Style

    Am I missing something with all these Hello Kitty AVATARS!??!?!
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    Question about GUI and GALAXY

    I've always gone with the traditional approach of starting slow and working my way up. I believe if you start with GUI you'll learn what the Starcraft 2 Editor is truly capable of right off the bat. Moving into the language afterwards can speed up that process, but if you skip GUI entirely you...