1. E

    How can I find Frozen Throne Editor?

    I just installed WC3 the Frozen Throne on my Windows 10 PC. I am only able to find and open the Map Editor for WC3 RoC, but not for Expansion. How can I find the Frozen Throne Editor? Thanks.
  2. M

    Map Income

    Hello. I want to make periodic event that will give me money for every marine in the region. Can someone tell me what should I change here? I tried for 2 hours to find something on my own, but I have no idea. I even watched some tutorials before that but i cant find solution. Screen I think I...
  3. dadou99

    Help for timer in leaderboard in SC2 editor.

    Hello, I prepare a coop map for sc2 but i have some problem to create a timer. So i build my map with campaing data to have the unit of the campaing but if i try to create a timer i saw a green box and the text is not visible the color are to dark. I'm trying to change the color but it's...
  4. Widescreen

    Item that can only be picked up by a certain Unit.

    Hi the guys! I need help with this, I need an Item that can only be picked up by a certain Unit, in this case an acient, and not by a hero.
  5. dadou99

    make a secondary objective

    Hi, 1) How to make a secondary objective, in my map i want the player collect 3 protoss artefact. 2) How to popup a zergling egg ? kill egg and spawn zergling unit after egg die ? 3)How to create a link between 2 map for example the player must go at the end of the map and kill a monster then...
  6. C

    Multiboard Help

    Hi, I need help with my multiboard! I don't know a way to make this right! Hits received and Kills done works but the percentage of last created hero doesn't work! I bought the hero from a tavern and tried "sold unit" as well but it didn't work on the trigger that I made! Need someone to help...