1. E

    Help triggering a unit to Unburrow when region entered

    So, currently, I am trying to figure out how to make 5 Zerglings unburrow when my units enter the region the Zerglings are in. I can't figure it out...This is literally all I have. Does anybody know how to do this? If so, please help. (Yes, Zerg1 is the name of the Region.)
  2. M

    Map Income

    Hello. I want to make periodic event that will give me money for every marine in the region. Can someone tell me what should I change here? I tried for 2 hours to find something on my own, but I have no idea. I even watched some tutorials before that but i cant find solution. Screen I think I...
  3. dadou99

    Help for timer in leaderboard in SC2 editor.

    Hello, I prepare a coop map for sc2 but i have some problem to create a timer. So i build my map with campaing data to have the unit of the campaing but if i try to create a timer i saw a green box and the text is not visible the color are to dark. I'm trying to change the color but it's...