warcraft 3

  1. Widescreen

    Unit Highlighted in HUD

    Hello, I am working in an RPG/Arena/TD, and I want a unit to be highlighted (for easy access) like the Hero is highlighted (shown in picture), but I don't want the unit to become a Hero. The Heroes are Created (purchased) at the beginning of the game. Also, I was having trouble to make the...
  2. D

    New Custom "Zombie Temple Zerg"!

    Hurry it's gonna disappear in 24hrs! I can always show it again.
  3. A

    Random LEARNABLE Hero ability

    Hi, It is actually confusing how people manage to achieve this, but they can put a lot of abilities in a variable, then you pick them from the shelf and then you pick a hero with the abilities you have chosen. Example, https://www.epicwar.com/maps/240510/ Dota IMBA. You have a typical set of...
  4. J

    Storm Bolt trigger not working

    Hello, I'm trying to make a trigger for the ability "Storm Bolt", but I can't seem to get it to work. It's supposed to have the mountain king being able to detect when a hero drops below a certain amount of health, and then storm bolt them. But instead he just throws storm bolts at anything at...
  5. 911reg

    Omnilights issue

    I can see models with omnilights in the editor, but not in-game. any solution? D:
  6. C

    Multiboard Help

    Hi, I need help with my multiboard! I don't know a way to make this right! Hits received and Kills done works but the percentage of last created hero doesn't work! I bought the hero from a tavern and tried "sold unit" as well but it didn't work on the trigger that I made! Need someone to help...