world editor

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    New Custom "Zombie Temple Zerg"!

    Hurry it's gonna disappear in 24hrs! I can always show it again.
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    Damage Integer view in Object Editor?

    I have a question for anyone who can answer (hopefully we come to a solution!). I'm currently creating a League of Legends Summoners Rift map on the Warcraft World Editor. The Heroes and Abilities are COMPLETELY different however. I was creating a few abilities and I am using triggers to deal...
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    Random LEARNABLE Hero ability

    Hi, It is actually confusing how people manage to achieve this, but they can put a lot of abilities in a variable, then you pick them from the shelf and then you pick a hero with the abilities you have chosen. Example, Dota IMBA. You have a typical set of...
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    Can't find the right Condition/Action related to "Unit-Issues"

    Hi, everyone ! Sorry for bothering you and I hope I'm not asking for something that has already been answered in the past.. My problem is the following: I want to make some peasants harvest lumber from some trees after they're done repairing some farms and I just can't find the respective Action...
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    World Editor Game Cache

    Okay, I don't know if this is elsewhere on the forum, but i have run into a small problem. I'm continuing my RPG mapmaking, and in thus RPG there are several maps with different spawn zones. If your hero uses an ability on one map to teleport to a zone that is on another map, I use an integer...