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People are pretty ignorant of the scientist's who completely changed the world. I will briefly describe the most important ones to help you learn. I will try to update this list, and add more scientists.

#1 [goto="Sir Isaac Newton"]Sir Isaac Newton[/goto]
#2 [goto="Leonardo Da'Vinci"]Leonardo Da'Vinci[/goto]
#3 [goto="Fathers of Atomic Theory"]Fathers of Atomic Theory[/goto]
#4 [goto="Frederick Banting"]Frederick Banting[/goto]
#5 [goto="Einstein"]Albert Einstein[/goto]


#1 : [anchor]Sir Isaac Newton[/anchor]Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

Sir Isaac Newton, in my opinion, is the physicist who discovered the most important natural laws. The most important law he discovered, and the one, which he is famous for, is the natural law of gravity. Supposedly, he was influenced to study gravity when he was sitting under an apple tree, and an apple fell on his head. Newton determined that it is not the weight of the object that determines how fast it falls, but the mass of the object. “Gravity, attracts all bodies in the universe to each other, pulling apples to the ground and holding the Moon and the planets in their orbits.”* Now, whenever N.A.S.A sends a rocket somewhere, they must consider Newton’s law of gravity to sling shot around planets.

Newton is also famous for his 3 laws of motion. His first one states that any object will remain at rest unless some other force unbalances it. For example on earth if you throw a rock, it will travel a few meters and fall to the earth because of gravity and the air slowing it down. When you are in a complete vacuum, for example: space, you could throw a rock and it would travel forever at a constant velocity unless some other object was to hit it.

“Newton's second law states that an unbalanced force acting on an object causes an acceleration, this law is represented by the equation F = ma.”*

Newton’s third law of motion says that an object experiences motion because it is interacting with another object.

*1 Quote from: www.smgaels.org/physics
*2 Quote from: www.smgaels.org/physics


#2 [anchor]Leonardo Da'Vinci[/anchor]Leonardo Da'Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo Da’Vinci must be the best-known genius of the renaissance age. He did a little bit of everything; he studied anatomy, physics, geometry, machines, and architecture. He also did many paintings, which happen to be some of the most famous ones in the world, like the Mona Lisa.

He didn’t actually get to make too many things, but he drew hundreds and hundreds of sketches of ingenious ideas he had. He influenced so many of our modern day inventions like the calculator, solar power, the armoured tank, and the helicopter.

Leonardo seemed to be awed by the thought of flight. He had many sketches of flying machines, which might have worked if got to building them. Many people say that his inventions would have worked if he had built them.

Da’Vinci had many theories on bodily proportion. He said that whatever shape or size your body is, it will follow these rules:
#1 If you put your arms out on each side of your body and measure from your finger tip to your other finger tip, that should give you your height.
#2 If you let your arms flop down, your finger tips will be halfway between your hip and your knees.

Because Leonardo was so interested in mechanics and anatomy, some people wonder if he was trying to do something like create a perfect mechanical body of a human.

Leonardo Da’Vinci was a genius, and helped the human race in creating modern day inventions.


#3 [anchor]Fathers of Atomic Theory[/anchor]Fathers of Atomic Theory (460-Present)

Democritus is know as the "father of atomic theory". Although his theories are nowhere close to being correct, he was on the right track, to be blunt. His theory stated the following;

1: All bodies are composed of atoms and spaces between the atoms. (there is only one type of atom according to Democritus)

2:Atoms are eternal, indivisible, infinite in number, and homogeneous in nature; all differences in bodies are due to a difference in the size, shape or location of the atoms.

3:There is no purpose or design in nature, and in this sense all is ruled by chance.

4:All activity is reduced to local motion.

Just about all of those are wrong (exept for #4). Juring the life of Democritus, no one believed his theory was true, and it was forgoten about. But shortly after he died, Aristotle read his theory and simply disagreed with everything. Aristotle said that there was no such thing as atoms, but instead said everything was composed of 4 elements; Fire, Wind, Water, Earth. Although Aristotle was also completely wrong, he was a very good thinker, and due to the technology in those days he had very good logic.

Many years passed and John Dalton (1766-1844) reviewed the old atomic theories, and decided to create an experiment. He managed to mix gas (i dont which kind) with water, proving that there are spaces between atoms, so they are devisible. Altough this does not seem important it really helped the progress of science.

J.J. Thompson (1856-1940) came up with the plum pudding model, discovered the electron (he called them corpsucles) and discovered the nucleus. The plum pudding model describes an atom as a couple of electrons with a negative charge surrounded by a "pudding" of positive charge to cancel out the electron's charge. Unfortuantely he was wrong. he also didn't know about the neutron.

A couple years after Dalton died, a man called Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), also known as the "father of nuclear physics". He came of with the orbital theory, which states that there is a nucleus (made up of protons, neutrons), with different amounts of electrons (depending on what type of atom it is) orbiting the nucleus. He discovered the theory by using "the gold foil" experiment. Essentially, Rutherford shot alpha particles at a thin sheet of gold foil. He observed that some of the particles bounced off, but what they could be bouncing off? he concluded that they were bouncing off the nucles of the atom, which had a concentrated positive charge.


#4[anchor]Frederick Banting[/anchor]Frederick Banting (1891-1941)

Bantin was born in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. He studied at the University of Toronto. He wrote down an idea for a method to isolate the internal secretion of the pancreas, which was the main thing needed to create a treatment for diabetes. Banting tested his idea, operating on dogs to tie up their pancreatic ducts, which resulted in a partial atrophy of the pancreas. Bantings then took out the pacreas and hoped it would contain lots of secretion that comes from the pancreas (called insulin). Bantings tested the insulin on dogs with diabetes, it worked.

Later on, James Collip (1892-1965) scrapped the idea of actually removing the pancreas, but instead extracted it from the normal pancreas still in the body, without harming the animals. He also didn't use dogs, he used cows. He perfected Banting's idea, and named the substance "insulin".


#5 [anchor]Einstein[/anchor]Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Einstein was known as the best theoretical physsicist ever. His main work he achieved in his lifetime were; Formulating the Theory of Relativity, adding and fixing the Quantum theory and Statistical mathematics. Most people know Einstein by this one equation "E=mc2", which is the theory of relativity. E=mc2 means "Energy = Mass x Speed of Light in a Vacuum 2 (squared)". MORE WILL BE ADDED FOR EINSTEIN

to be continued...


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Well he's not a "Scientist" but he changed the world:

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg

Invented the Printing Press


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I am going to add many more, thanks for making a sudgestion.

Although i am leaning mroe towards physicist and scientiest more than inventor. (but usually inventors are scientists?) lol anywho, nothing to say..

EDIT: I am not simply copying and pasting from the web. These take time to write!


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Thanks, he will most likely be added since hes from my homeland :D.

Please post mroe sudgestions, and rate the current writing!


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Umm.. I dont think so. Hes not even a scientist. He just decided to roll up a plant and put fire on it.
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