Health 10 Percent of Wuhan Study Patients Lose Coronavirus Antibodies Within Weeks

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    Chinese scientists have cast doubt over whether we have long-lasting immunity to the coronavirus in two studies released this week, prompting them to question the use of immunity certificates.

    The authors of the first study submitted to the pre-print website medRxiv concluded that people are unlikely to have protective antibodies against the coronavirus for long periods of time. As the findings are a pre-print, they have not been through the rigorous peer review process required to publish in scientific journals. Scientists partly release papers this way to prompt debate on a topic.

    For the study, the scientists looked for antibodies specific to the coronavirus in the blood samples of 1,470 COVID-19 patients in three hospitals in Wuhan, China—the original epicentre of the pandemic. Previous research cited by the authors suggests that antibodies which make up the first line of defense against the coronavirus are detectable around 7 days after a person is infected, while virus-specific antibodies can take around two weeks.

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