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2 Player Co-Op RPG

You'll need to download from this link - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/co-op-rpg-v1-8-a-189681/ as the map exceeds the forums limit.


Darkness has been expelled from the land for many generations, but the portal in the Capital City has always served as a reminder of the great battle that once took place there... but in the darkness something stirs, ready to break free of its bondage and destroy the free people of the world.

Take arms with a friend, control separate heroes and combat the darkness that rules the lands. You will have to overcome many difficulties, some will test your skill, others will test your patience, and the rest... well they will test everything. Can you and your friend work your way through quests, where every quest is unique, in order to become powerful enough to destroy the one true evil?

Map Content

This game includes a massive word, 288x288, in which to explore, unlock mysteries and overcome challenges which can only be done with a friend. The quests are all unique, only 3 Kill quests in the game.
Choose from 1 of many heroes, all with custom models and custom spells.
Level your way to 20, with no grinding what so ever.
The completed game will have around 2-3 hours game play
It's a fun and unique game, you'll never get bored :) I promise.

Screen shots

Out of Game Screenies

In-game Screenies


HeroesThe max hero level is 20, and all the normal abilities have 4 levels, ultimate abilities have 2 levels and every hero has the skill ‘Attribute Bonus’ which has 6 levels.

Assassin: [Agility/Intelligence/Strength] – Good for Single combat and boss fights, but lacks on early levels at mass killing, it makes up for it through its Ultimate spell.

Wind Walk: The Assassin enters stealth for a certain amount of time.
Assassinate: The Assassin strikes the enemy, dealing a base amount of damage which is increased greatly with the Assassins agility.
Blade Flurry: The Assassin increases his attack speed and his attack move

Fan of Knives: Deals massive amount of damage to nearby units, 500/1000 damage.

Fire Mage: [Intelligence/Agility/Strength] – Excellent at Area of Effect and dealing massive amounts of damage to single units.

Fireball: Deals a base amount of damage and stuns for a certain amount of time.
Brilliance Aura: Increases mana regeneration
Summon Fire Spirits: Summons spirits which can be ordered to explode, dealing damage to the unit and all units nearby, will explode on death.

Thunderstorm: Fires a stream of lightning at an enemy unit which then splits off into 3 or 5 streams, dealing 500 damage per stream, the streams hit other enemy units, dealing reduced damage per hit.

Holy Knight: [Strength/Intelligence/Agility] – Excellent at self healing, and supporting their allies with healing spells. Uses the power of the light to deal large amounts of damage and can summon an Angel to fight for them.

Judgement: Deals base damage and has a chance, depending on skill level, to heal the Holy Knight for 2x the Knight’s strength.
Holy Light: Heals a friendly unit, or deals half damage to an undead unit.
Holy Radiance: Deals splash damage to nearby units in melee range.

Holy Vengeance: Summons a pillar of holy flames, dealing damage to units inside the flame, also stuns them for 5 seconds and summons an angel from the holy flame

Sniper: [Agility/Intelligence/Strength] – Good at ranged combat, and destroying enemies that come into melee range.

Critical Strike: 15% chance to deal extra damage.
Mark: Marks an enemy unit, dealing damage over time to that unit, it also stops that unit from casting spells and reduces their attack damage by 50%.
Claymore: Drops a mine on the ground, which explodes upon death or when an enemy unit walks over it.

Bombardment: Calls down a bombardment, dealing damage to units in the affected area and stunning them for a period of time, also summons a mine in the middle of the affected area.

Death Knight: [Strength/Intelligence/Agility] – The counterpart to a Holy Knight or Paladin. Uses the forces of darkness to summon the dead and help to heal their allies.

Resurrect the Dead: Raises the dead corpses of enemies for a short period of time. They are not invulnerable.
Blood Aura: Nearby units will gain a % of their health back after hitting an enemy unit.
Death Coil: Fires an coil of Unholy energy to damage single units.

Summon Ghoul Army: Summons an army of ghouls to fight for the Death Knight.

Archer: [Agility/Intelligence/Strength] – Counterpart to the Sniper, but is more adept at killing multiple units at once.

Trueshot Aura: Increases friendly ranged attack damage.
Searing Arrow: Adds bonus damage at the cost of mana
Volley: summons a volley of stars to deal damage to nearby units.

Summon archer Battalion: Summons a massive amount of archers nearby the Archer to attack enemies nearby.

Spellsword: [Strength/Intelligence/Agility] – A melee spell caster, using spells to protect their allies and destroy their enemies.

Shockwave: Deals damage in a cone in front of the Spellsword.
Earth shield: Casts a protective shield, which slows attacker’s movement speed when they hit a unit with Earth Shield. Casting Earth Shield on a unit also heals them for 2x the Spellsword’s Strength and gives them bonus armour.
Fire blast: Deals instant fire damage in melee range.

Thunderstorm: Fires a stream of lightning at an enemy unit which then splits off into 3 or 5 streams, dealing 500 damage per stream, the streams hit other enemy units, dealing reduced damage per hit.

Necromancer: [Intelligence/Strength/Agility] – Like a Death Knight, they use unholy energy to resurrect the dead and summon the dead to fight for them.

Unholy Aura: Increases nearby units Movement and attack speed.
Death Coil: Deals unholy damage to a target unit
Raise dead: Summons skeletons from the bodies of the dead.

Summon Ghoul Army: Summons an army of ghouls to fight for the Necromancer.


tutorial Quests
Selecting your Hero
At the start of the game, you’ll be centred on a Spirit in a Hero selection area. Moving your spirit into their circle of powers will give a description of them and gives a list and description of their spells. A list of Hero’s and their spells can be found in this walkthrough.
Once you’ve decided, move into that Heroes circle and use the ability ‘Select’. The hero can be only selected by one player once, and you cannot repack your hero, so make sure you picked the one you want.

Once you’ve chosen your Hero, it will be moved outside of the Capital city, and your camera will be centred to your hero.

Tutorial Quests
To pick up a quest, you need to move your hero next to a hero with a! Above their head. You will have to move quite close to them, to accept it.

To start off, move to the paladin just north of your position, he’ll be marked with an exclamation mark above his head. He’ll give you a quest to kill bandits just to the west of him, in the fields. You’ll need to kill 10 of them, and after you kill all 10 of them you will be notified to return back to the Paladin.

Returning back to the paladin, you’ll instantly be given another quest to go all the way down the ramp to the west, onto the coast to defend a harbour. The harbour is under attack by 9 murlocs, and you complete this quest when they are all dead. Once they are all dead, return to the paladin.

Returning to the paladin will open the gate to the Capital City, and the next quest is given by Pid & Dle, the mortar team, just at the end of the bridge. You’ll be asked to defend a camp, and the quickest way of reaching the camp is through the waygate.
I recommend at this point, that you got north a tiny bit and spend all your gold on potions. You’ll probably afford 2 potions.
When you reach the camp, the event will start. After the guards stop talking, Furbolgs will spawn from the forest and head towards the camp. Try not to enter the forest, or you’ll quickly be surrounded, make sure that the Guards help you. Area of effect here is brilliant.
Once all the furbolgs are dead, return to Pid & Dle through the waygate, back to the city.
You’ll receive 200 gold if both guards and the camp survive, if one or more died then you’ll forfeit the gold bonus.

At this point, a side quest and a main quest become available. The side-quest can be taken at any time until level 10. The side quest is not part of the tutorial quests so will be displayed in the Main Land quests.

The next main quest involves talking to the Dungeon runner master, looks like a Spell Breaker, he’ll have a mark over his head. After talking to him, he will refer you to Jerry, who’s just to the south. Upon reaching Jerry, a dialog will appear for Player 1 (red), and here he decides who will be the runner, and who will be the helper.

The runner: He runs through the dungeon, and must destroy the gates until he reaches the end.
The Helper: He must hit the levers when they ping up, he also has access to Explosive Barrels which will destroy any monsters that are below them

Skeletons will constantly spawn and attack the runner, so keep running!

After you reach the end, and you both stand on the foot switch, you’ll be teleported out and the quest will complete. Another side quest can be taken by Jerry (see Main Land quests).

The next main story line quest is given by the Paladin. This quest will take you off the Capital city, and the enclosed area. You’ll be put onto battle ships, and must move to destroy the enemy harbour. Enemy ships will constantly spawn to attack you until it’s destroyed.

I recommend that you keep moving, don’t stop!

If one of your boats is destroyed, then your heroes will be moved onto the next small island, and you will lose your gold bonus. Upon reaching the island, take note of the fountain oh health and mana just north of you. You must then work your way through the island, and kill the Level 10 hero (who, if you can, should be silenced to stop spell casting as he is very deadly) and after that, you must destroy the building, only then will the way gate activate.

NOTE: The respawn point for this quest will change to the small island, where you spawned from getting off the ships!

Upon entering the Waygate, the tutorial quests will end. Your level should be around 7-8.
Main Land Main Story Quest
Main Land (Main story line) Quests

The next MAIN STORY LINE quest starts at level 10, and is instantly given to the players. Please note that there are 2 side quests and a number of bounty quests available before level 10 (check the Side quests list).

The quest will require you to go back to the Capital city, this is achievable by going far to the east, and then through a now open gate in the forest – it’s the same forest that you were in for the furbolgs.
NOTE: There are some creature camps throughout the forest which will drop rare and very useful items, but only once. The monsters respawn but not their drops.

Upon reaching the main city, you’ll see that there are many evil creatures throughout the place. You don’t have to kill them, but its good gold and exp. You must work your way to the North-East part of the capital city, to destroy the portal.

To destroy the portal, both levers (just up and down a bit from the portal) must be hit within 3 seconds of each other, or they will ‘ping’ back up.

Once both levers have been destroyed, the portal will die, and the Paladin will appear in the Church yard, you’ll see him when walking back to the bridge.
He will give a quest, which will show a cinematic. After the cinematic, you’ll be directed to a town, the Waygate will reactivate so you don’t have to walk all the way around the coast.

Upon reaching the town, after going through the forest again, you must find the Dark Sorceress. She will give a quest to go find another man, a Sheppard. Check your minimap for the pinging.

This quest is difficult, as it requires skill. First of all, destroy the barrels. The quest involves you ‘hitting’ sheep into a fenced area. They will move the opposite direction to which you hit them.
NOTE: You must make sure that no sheep run through the open gate and away from the area, it will be hard to find them!
There are 10 sheep in the walled area, and you need to get 10 sheep into the fenced area! It takes time, and can be frustrating!
HINT: If a sheep is against a wall, trap it with your heroes (both heroes stand either side of it) then one of you hit it, it will then move away from the wall and try to go around the other hero. The other hero can then hit it and it will move completely away from the wall.

After that quest is completed, talk to the Sheppard who will give you another quest immediately. It requires both of you to stand on he giant circle of power at the same time. Doing this will instantly teleport you and your ally to an island in the middle of the Sea. Here you must find the Blue Sheep and go near it, there is a large amount of naga by the sheep so be careful.

When you reach the Blue Sheep, a cut scene will appear where you are taken prisoner by the Naga, and taken back to the Main land and put in a prison. Wait a few seconds, and near-by humans will release you. Hitting the nearby lever will free them, and they will attack the massive army of naga guarding your cell. Keep following the path, and eventually you’ll come to an easy-to-kill level 20. Reduce her health to 25% or below, and she’ll teleport away, opening the final gate and allowing you to run free. Go back to the Dark Sorceress after this.

Once you return to the dark Sorceress, she’ll tell you to find the Naga Sea Witch, by talking to the Caravan guard just north of her. Talking to him will teleport you to that island, there you must find the Base Commander.
NOTE: Make sure you’re healed up before talking to him
Once you talk to the base commander, a massive battle will be triggered just to the left of you, with naga pouring through the now open gate into the Humans Base. Killing all the naga allows you to continue, with any survivors following you.
NOTE: There are nearby runes to heal and resurrect your fallen allies, keeping them alive is crucial, as they will take all the damage for you

Once they are all dead, it’s your turn to attack them, going west you’ll reach their base. You must fight your way through and kill the Naga Sea Witch (fully dead this time) and the main building in the middle of the shallow water. After that, return to the Base Commander (He may of moved as he joined in with the fighting) and you’ll be teleported off the island.

Once teleported back, you’ll be contacted by the ‘Dark One’ who will tell you to meet him far in the west, by the entrance to the mountainous area.
Upon talking to him, a long cinematic will play which will describe the elves and what you must do to kill the Lich. After that, the gate into the mountain area is open and you must fight your way through to reach the mountain gate, top north of the mountainous area.
It’s a hard battle, and you will have to run back and forth to the Fountains by the Dark One a few times.
NOTE: You don’t have to kill them, you can just run straight through them and enter the gate but it’s not recommended as you might have to re-enter the cave later.

Upon entering the cave, you must both hit the levers to allow each other to continue. It’s pretty straight forward in here, just follow the paths, kill the mobs and when you meet up, kill the last hero and enter the portal.

If you are both level 17+, then entering the portal will take you to the Elven land, if your not, it will take you outside of the mountain area. The main quest WON’T continue until your both level 17, once you area, just re-enter the caves and go through the portal.

Elven Land Main Quests
Elven Land Main Quest (Only story line quests here)

Once you are 17, and through the portal, you’ll be in the new, Elven land. And there’s no going back until the end. Talk to the unit in front of you, and he will tell you to go to the king. Upon reaching the king, a small conversation will take place and then you’ll have to kill the Dark Spawn which will appear after the king... has an accident.

After this happens, you must find a way to escape the area. There is a small passage leading into the woods, on the bottom left of the Elven place. It’s a small browny stone path.

NOTE: The monsters in this forest are level 17+ and very strong, they also have a high chance of spawning an even stronger Dark Taint when they die. Also, the Zombies here hit incredibly hard and have a chance to get back up when they die (except for the zombies inside the city (you’ll see them later))

There is a small hidden quest, just south of the Elven gate. Go through the forest to find it, it won’t award any Exp but you’ll find two fountains of health and mana there. Heal up then enter the forest, and then work your way to the Blighted area. Keep going through until you find a hilled grassy area, the forest isn’t a straight path so you might get lost, but I recommend you move quickly. You should be level 20 by this point.
Talk to the elf on top of the hill, and heal up. After this point, there is no more fountains.
After a conversation happens, the gate leading into the ever-Burning city opens. Go through he gate, just to the west, and run all the way through it until you reach the other side on the west side of the city. Once there, run to the gate and a message will display, telling you to re-enter the city to hit a lever. This is where it gets hard, as a massive amount of zombies will appear. Fight your way through to hit the lever int he city (You’ll have to find it yourself, but it’s to the north).

Once you hit the first lever, a message will display telling you to find another. Keep finding and hitting the levers until they are all dead, then the gate will open.

Upon entering the gate, you will notice another lever. The Player that hits that lever will be teleported inside the Fighting area, the other will enter the Mazed area.

Fighting Area: The fighting area is where you find St Mark, you must kill him and his Zombie Allies.
Mazed Area: In here is a bunch of sheep and Gnolls who will slow you down (they cannot be killed). You must collect Health & Mana tokens which will spawn health and mana runes by your Ally in the Fighting area.

Once St Mark is dead, you both spawn in the Fighting area, and the gate to the next area opens.

Entering the new area, you must both stand on the 2 giant circles of powers just to the north. Standing on them will focus your camera on a new area, where the Paladin and the Elf are standing. You must defend them by blowing up the attackers. To blow up the attackers, you must click on them with your mouse. After 3 minutes, the game continues

Final Boss Battle V 2.0

The final boss battle will be added later... but it will contain things like:
Massive units who you must blow up
A number of events
4 Heroes, including the main bad hero, who you must kill
3 Alternative ending cinematic!
A number of different events
The boss battle will take around 10 minutes.

Side Quests
Main Land (Side Quests)

A list of Side Quests will be displayed here. These can be failed, and if you die you won’t be able to redo them.

Secrets of the Church
Pick it up from St Mark, and then enter the church. You will be locked in an underground cellar. Both heroes must then stand on the circle of powers to unlock the portal leading to the next area.

The next area, Player 2 must work there way around the edge of the area and hit the lever, allowing Player 1 to enter the main part of it. Player 2 must pick up the item on the ground, and it will give him a new ability to instantly blow up Ghouls which will spawn from the portal just to the north of the magical stone.

Player 1 (Red) must attack and destroy the magical stone, and Player 2 must blow up the ghouls. When the stone is dead, both players move to the Boss fight room with St Mark (It’s straight forward from there, except after St Mark dies, a demon spawns, he will deal high amounts of damage so always move to a health rune so you can use it)

Forest Running
A long quest, first of all you’ll be teleported into a forest. Player 2 must hit the lever, freeing Player 1. Player 1 must defend himself against an infinite spawn of kobolds. The Kobolds stop spawning after Player 2 has destroyed both generators. After this, the gate will open allowing both players access to the way gate and the Health & Mana runes.

When you enter the Waygate, you’ll be shown a message telling you what to do. There are 2 circles of powers on the floor. Standing in them will allow you to control a siege engine. However one siege engine attacks and the other heal. You must heal the Waygate Generator and your ally, while your ally defends you from the spawning enemies from the portal to the south of the generator. After the generator is healed, you can move on – if it’s destroyed, or your engines are destroyed, then you both loose and die.

Moving on, into the waygate, will teleport you to an area with another 2 circles of power. Standing in them will allow you to control an immovable catapult. You must then defend a Waygate generator which will automatically heal over time. Wait until its fully healed the Waygate will activate.

When you both enter the Waygate, you’ll be teleported into a new area. Golems will spawn, different colours, Red and Blue. Player 1 can only hit Red golems, and Player2 can only hit Blue golems. Hitting the other coloured golem will instantly heal it. The time you must wait varies from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, you may even be lucky enough to only get 1 golem spawn. After they are all dead, and they’ve stopped spawning, you’ll be teleported back to Jerry.

Caravan Guarding
You’ll both be teleported into an area, where you must work your way around – follow the instructions in-game. It doesn’t involve anything complicated.

The Digger
Player 1 chooses who does what, who drives and who shoots the digger in another area

Driver: The driver should move away from the giant golems, and be aware of the small and medium sized ones. He can see any part of the dungeon while the Shooter has his camera fixed on the digger.
Shooter: The shooter must destroy the small and medium golems by clicking on them. Small golems take one click while medium ones take 2 clicks. The massive golems cannot be hit, but they can 1 hit kill you.

You both need to survive for 2-3 minutes, and then you’ll be instantly teleported out.

Bounty QuestsThese can be picked up in the harbour town, from the merchant shop at entrance to the town
Bandit Lord: There is a bandit lord north-west of the bounty board
Ancient Sasquatch: There is one just north of the bridge, leading out of the harbour town
Granite Golem: Only one in-game and he can be found along the mountain side, south side.
Zombies: Can be found in the burning town, the ones in the Elven lands don’t count
Forgotten One: The ones inside the mountain area don’t count, they can be found in a forest clearing just north of the Harbour Town, its level 15 so be careful.

Upgrades are the best way you should spend your cash. They will help your Hero a lot. But they are too expensive to buy them all in the game, so buy the one’s that you’ll use the most.

If you die, you’ll be revived at the current revival point, and you will lose quite a large portion of your gold, so try and buy upgrades before you lose it!

Try to keep at least 1 health potion on you at one time, just in case of a back-up.

I had a comment complaining about buying a boat and that it costs lumber so he couldn’t complete the game. You can complete the game without buying a boat, but to make him happy I removed the lumber cost. The boat costs 10,000 gold and has a HP of 1000, but the Health Regeneration is -100, so you’ll have 10 seconds to use it!

Items in-game can be purchased, but I would spend the cash on Upgrades instead of items.

Playing the game

PLEASE NOTE: This game is NOT fully single player. I've developed a Single player mode for the first few Quests, but you really need to play this with another person to experience the full fun of it! But, as I said, for the first few quests you can play it Single Player mode!


Thanks for reading/downloading/playing the game ^^ Took me a long while to make.

Please comment on it, giving ideas, suggestions and anything else which can AID this project. Also, if you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to state where they are!


Please don't take my map and claim it's your own, your edit it and then claim its your own. You may not use the terrain of this map (If you want this terrain, then check my terrain thread and there's an empty one of it over there (Without the massive chunk taken out of the map)

All credits are given INGAME
This map is unprotected as part of my belief that people can learn from these triggers, don't abuse that trust!

Version 1.00 - Alpha Release

Version 1.1

Fixed the Boat Death bug on The Harbour - Your heroes will now die, as if they were on the ships, and they will respawn on the island.
Summon Fire Spirits has had it's Cooldown set higher and its Mana cost set higher
Fireball has had it's Cooldown set higher, and it's mana set higher at higher levels
Raised the mana cost of Thunderstorm, also fixed a bug with it so it correctly splits the lightning to multiple targets.
Judgement has had it's mana cost raised and its tooltip changed so people will be more inclined to choose it at the start.
Changed the Hint for The Harbour quest, so people will be more inclined to keep moving towards the harbour.
Increased the amount of EXP required to level up.
Removed EXP gain from the mobs in the Catapult part of Forest Running.
Change the reigons for the Circle of Powers for the Tonk part in Forest running.
Added a new Hero - Spellsword (Replaced Mountain King (Uses the Same mode as a mountain kingl for now (but with tinting) (trying to reduce map size)))

Version 1.15
Sorted out Spellswords Healing spell
Decreased mana cost of Shockwave and Earth Shield
Sorted out Shockwave's and Earth Shields tooltips
Increased Spellswords agi/str and int (Starting stats)
Fixed Golem quest's timer
Lowered the amount of exp required to level back to what it originally was, but the Creep reduction table is still lower, so it's harder to level.

Version 1.6

Fixed many bugs in the game
Added more quests to the game, including my favourite quest so far :p
Story line is continued
Fixed music on the cinematic
Included more content
You stop gaining exp from monster killing at level 15 to make it harder to reach the max level of 20

Version 1.7

Players now have access to upgrades from their blacksmith (Top right), can only be accessed while in the main land.
These upgrades include, increased damage, armour, health, mana regen & mana capacity and attack speed & movement speed.
A new, long quest has been added which involves a lot of combat with the naga!
You may now duel your partner. To do so, you must first be in the main land (the large open land) and you must both type -duel. You'll then be sent back to where you started the duel, the looser won't loose any gold.

V 1.75

Minor bug fixes and tooltip changes
Changed the amount of health/mana upgrades give
Fully completed the terrain, the map's terrain will now no longer be altered
Changed the level at which monsters don't give you exp from 15 to 17

I'm intending to allow the player to quest and reach level 17 before teleporting them to the new land, where they will have to prepare for the final, and epic ^^ boss fight!

Version 1.8
Added 5 new heroes with custom spells
Added a 2 new quests
You will now finish off the game at level 17 (Meaning this is the Beta Release)!!

Version 1.9

Fixed 2 major bugs with the new quests, you can now go to the new land and do some of the quests until you reach the Castle of Darkness
Balanced out most of the Heros
General Bug Extermination

Version 1.95

The elven land (level 17+ required to access it) is now available. New quests, new monsters, new areas, new troubles and now new puzzles.
Added new quests in both lands.
The final boss fight takes place inside an open castle. There are 3 parts to the castle, each containing a different event (I'm not going to say what the event is :))
2/3 of the events have been completed. The last event is the final boss fight
The average Game time has been extended from 1 hour 10 minutes play time to 1 hour 40 minutes playtime (depending on your skill, luck and imbaness :))

Version 1.97

Limited the amount of golems spawning in the side quest - The Digger, the small ones are limited to 24 and the medium ones are limited to 20 to stop the AI freezing up.
The golems are now removed at the end of the game, to free up the AI.
The last two quests have been fixed
A message will now display when you hit the final lever in the burning city
Fixed the boat Lumber cost - However, the gold cost has been raised to 100k, you won't need to buy it!
Fixed the choppy terrain around the capital city, no longer razor edged cliff edges or flat cliff slopes.
Other Minor bugs have been fixed
The hidden quest which allows you to collect a lot of exp has been removed
Two new commands have been added
-Debug (Player 1 only) - Kills both heroes, only use if your Hero is stuck (will be removed in final release)
-Teleport - Can only be used at the end of Version 9.75, your hero will be teleported to the capital city, the game will be over at this point but you can do any quests you might of missed!

Version 1.98

Made Bloodmage vunrable
Make St Mark (Final boss) much harder (2x stronger)
Lever triggers fixed for the Maze quest at the end
Fixed Forogtten on Bounty Quest
More units will spawn from the final quest to defend the heroes, more clicky clicky!
Removed units at the end of the final quest to defend the heroes
Destroyed the Welcome to Hell quest when you hand it in
Added a walkthrough to the game incase you get stuck! - or want to check whats ingame

Version 1.99

Re-done all the Hotkeys, so they actually are what they are meant to be
Added the profession, Fishing. You can level up this profession, and it's an easy way of making a lot of gold.
Command added, -skills. It shows you all your skill levels (professions)

Version 1.99.5

Added a introduction cinematic
Added a story to the game, and its progression through the quests with people actually telling you why they want something done, rather then just a Quest Objection being displayed.
Corrected the terrain - now the mountains now have snow
The zombies in the Ever-Burning City have been changed to Broken Zombies with their HP reduced by 60%, but their damage is still incredibly high

Version 1.99.6a

I'll be doing the Final Major Release soon. I just don't want to do it straight away so I don't have a reason to give up on adding to this game :)

Added a new quest chain - The Arena. 5 Rounds at the moment of Bosses. You can't do them all in a row, you need to be a certain level to do the next one, and so forth. Complete all 5 stages to get a lot of EXP, Gold and a new rare Arena Master Helm.
Fixed a bug with the text in the cinematic
Made 'The Digger' quest much harder, with an extra 2 massive mobs and now 15 more mobs will spawn to kill you!
The blood mage is now not invincible!
The camera will now reset properly upon a Hero's death
Made St Mark (Final Boss) much harder, by increasing his attack and changing it's attack type from Magic to Chaos. Damage increased from 200 to 300.
The player now moves outside of the Maze in the Final Boss quests.
The Naga are weaker in the Invasion quest, and there are now more friendly troops to help your assault and defence. Plus extra supporting casters (priests)
All the Human Upgrades have been given to the Human team (Player 3) - I mean, they've been there for years.

Version 1.99.6b

Some people were complaining that it was too easy, now, at any point during the game, player 1 (red) can use the new command -hard to turn on hard mode. It grants every enemy unit in the game extra mana, health, damage, movement speed and attack speed increases.

Version 2.0 (Final MAJOR Release)

The final boss has been released! You may now complete the game!

There are 3 different endings depending on how the boss fight goes.
Even if you loose the boss fight, you may still continue the game!
Fixed a small amount of bugs!

You'll need to download from this link - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/co-op-rpg-v1-8-a-189681/ As the map exceeds the limit of this forum.
You had me at "2 Player Co-Op". :D I'll try this when I can.
great ^^ i'd love to hear other peopls opinions ^^ :) Best played with another person or it isn't as fun ^^
I don't have wc3 anymore, but from what I've read so far it is really good . best of luck with it. :]
I don't have wc3 anymore, but from what I've read so far it is really good . best of luck with it. :] "

Thanks mate ^^, shame you don't have it ^^.

Got ideas for 5 new Heroes which I'll start work on tonight, expect a new version to be released soon ^^
Pretty fun, though we got stuck when we died on the boat mission and the boats never respawned.
ah, okey, i'll fix that bug - Sorry about that ^^

btw - you were meant to keep moving on the Boat mission to the harbour :p not to stop ^^

EDIT: Version 1.1 will be uploaded when i get home, at 21:00-21:30 (GMT+0)

Will include bug fixes, spell balances and most importantly! A new Hero (Spellblade)
Just released Version 1.15, which increases the Spellsword's starting stats, and also i've set the amount of exp required to level up back to what it was originally in the Alpha release, but i've reduced the Creep Reduction Tables, so you'll get less exp and now you'll get 0 exp from mobs 5 levels or more below your level, so no farming the bandits anymore!
Version 1.2 will be released tommorow. It'll contain new quests (Unique (Which means not just Kill A and hand in!)) and the first Hidden mystery which will give you a powerful treasure (It's hidden so you will only find it by exploring, but the reward will be worth it ^^ Trust me).

And of course, the expected Bug fixes and Hero rebalances.

BTW: Just tested AGAIN on Bnet, and the guy i tested with had this crazy idea to go for the level 20 boss (you're not meant to be able to kill him, but I didn't think anyone would be crazy (or bothered) enough to try it. hehe after 10-15 minutes of fighting our way to it, we downed it :p yay! (Don't worry though ^^ The actual, proper boss will be much harder to kill!
Version 1.6 is released, plus spoilers on what will be coming in Version 1.7!
Version 1.7 has been released, plus spoilers on V 1.8 - Please can you guys leave your comments :)
Version 1.9 has been released (Check download link). I'll shout out when i release 2.0 and that will be it for my string of posts - then this epic map can fade away into nothingness ^^
I'll shout out when i release 2.0 and that will be it for my string of posts - then this epic map can fade away into nothingness ^^
Hold on, it's not every day I (or others) play WC3. :p
Version 1.95 (The one before the final version) has been released

Version 1.95 (Current)

The elven land (level 17+ required to access it) is now available. New quests, new monsters, new areas, new troubles and now new puzzles.
Added new quests in both lands.
The final boss fight takes place inside an open castle. There are 3 parts to the castle, each containing a different event (I'm not going to say what the event is )
2/3 of the events have been completed. The last event is the final boss fight
The average Game time has been extended from 1 hour 10 minutes play time to 1 hour 40 minutes playtime (depending on your skill, luck and imbaness )

incase your lazy ^^
Just played the map :D , its pure epicness :D, so much fun, the quests ideas were awesomely thought of :) , really teamworkish quests and challenging :D, definitively to play again with some other friend !
Will there be a walkthrough for this map after its completed? It would be so much easier to complete the game without having to ask for every single problem we experience.
sure, i'll write one up - btw, the last quest is bugged and i do not have time to fix it - there is a solution though, you'll need Player 1 to type -debug. It will teleport you and ur ally inside the dungeon once u hit the lever. Use the command AFTER you hit the lever though (the lever i'm talking about is the one inside the castle)
Version 1.98 released, also added giant walkthrough - check the link for the download :)
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