WIP 2 Player Co-Op RPG

Version 1.99.6 has been released - contains a LOT of updates, however the final quest is still not ready. But it does include an entire new quest line, every quest has been redone, a introduction cinematic plus bug fixes!
Version 2.00 has finally been released! Download from the link on the Main Post and check the Version log

It contains the final boss with 3 different endings!
You also had me at 2 Player Co-Op RPG. Lost me when it finished loading.
Just played it in single player. Incredibly buggy. Can't get past dungeon level. You sure you tested this first?
@esb: I think the dungeon part means the part where you get trapped in the church, with the zombies invading? That part needs 2 players, or cheating. Single player only works until around that part.
Besides that, random messages appear periodically. From the very first cinematic til throughout the game. Shame it only works until the dungeon. Maybe it only happens in single player... who knows.
Yer, it's two player - the Church quest can be done in singleplayer - im sorry i completly forgot about not putting messages up. I'll add a system that auto kicks you outta the game if your the only player ^^. There are zero bugs in it, tested it a hell of a lot :p
Don't do that. Let players preview the game a bit, then let them know when Single-Player possibility ends. It would also be helpful to have a command to disable help messages, like -disablehelp or something, so that experienced players aren't annoyed.
finished off the map - its now finished completely. Time to work on other projects
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