(2012) The Avengers

I expected something darker, more "avenging" to be done.
But it wasn't marketed for that so I guess it's cool.

Just see the movie for the action and some comic scenes.
It's not that remarkable/groundbreaking in terms of story/technology

I lol'd when Fury tried to shoot down the jet that he assumed had the nuke.
What if he was right? Wouldn't he have blown themselves out of the sky?
Ah, you guys are lucky to have seen it already!
It premieres tomorrow night/day-after-morning for me, and I am going to the premiere :D Dressed with my Iron Man helmet of course, and my friends dressed in their costumes. I can't wait.
I believe those nukes are equipped with safety features to prevent them from unwanted detonation. Then again, I asked myself the same thing too. Haha. Perhaps Fury was planning to sacrifice his own ship instead of a whole city. I guess that'd be a better explanation.

I hope it's safe, TWV. Don't cut yourself in excitement. :D
A Black Widow costume would be nice though. :rolleyes:
Everyone I ask, no one ever wants to be Black Widow. I wonder why :rolleyes:

Yeah, it's not gonna be' safe... and it looks terrible, but I'll update the thread when I do. Oh well, safety second!

Marvel's The Avengers was an excellent film. Surpassed my expectations by far. As a fan of the Avengers' comics and cartoons, I went in expecting just a fun, popcorn movie, but it was much more than that. The cast performed terrifically, every single one. And with all the main characters, the plot and background was divided nicely and evenly between everyone as well. All of the characters, whether old or new to the screen, are all portrayed nicely. The writing was fun as always with the past Marvel films, and there is a lot of comic relief throughout. I don't think I need anything needs to be said about the visuals (or sounds), as they were great. Joss Whedon and the entire cast and crew all did their jobs perfectly. Definitely see it when you can.

Anyway, premiere night was awesome. Even though, I had school 3 hours right after so now I'm extremely tired. Ah well. Worth it. Such an incredible film. Now that I've seen it I can open the spoilers, :)

@vypur, the villain at the end is Thanos, a Titan. Very powerful, I'm excited if they use him for the Avengers 2, that will be quite a difficult fight, one that I think the Avengers may lose (and so they will have to call for help).

Why did Loki stab Thor? Don't really know, I guess just to hurt him, since it did kind of slow him down a bit.

@13lade, yeah I think missiles have safety's on them. Don't know for sure though.

Anyway, I think they overpowered Hulk and underpowered Thor, but I guess they just wanted to do that so people could see how much of a powerhouse Hulk actually is.
Did you guys stay for the end scenes? And I mean both? :D

FireCat, funny you should ask. I actually did see a Black Widow costumer. And it was a man, xD It was quite disturbing, he was like tall and pale and wearing her like leather suit, with an open v-neck showing ha.
I actually did see a Black Widow costumer. And it was a man, xD It was quite disturbing, he was like tall and pale and wearing her like leather suit, with an open v-neck showing ha.
Just imagine if there were a bunch of them. lol

Anyway. This movie sounds like it's worth a watch.

Interesting watch if you want to see the timeline for the Avengers universe.
I watched this yesterday and I liked it. Well-paced and brilliant action scenes. The villain suffered from a lack of depth though, I watched Thor as well and found Loki lacking, and nothing changed in The Avengers.

It's like they gave him a background to justify his actions (In Thor), but in the end, that background gets overshadowed by an unjustified "pure evil" component normally attributed to monsters, demons, devils, etc. Like, yeah, he wants
power because of always having been in the shadow of his brother when he was younger but, in the end, he just wants to control everyone and destroy everything.
Why add that depth to the character if you're going to remove it anyway and replace it with plain stuff?

Wow Scarlett Johansson lol. Dat Black Widow :D Her introductory scene was insane.
Saw the movie last weekend, it was freaking awesome. Wish they had more of Hawkeye though.
Speaking of Hawkeye, my character in Diablo III is a Demon Hunter and I called him Hawkeye, :)
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