2v1 [RT] team8 leave


It only does everything.
omg, i never knew I was so good.. -.-

watch the replay and tell me feedback

oh yea, btw, im Matkill.

that was in west..

they were noobs but I still enjoy the win :D


But of course, if you wanna be "real" good, hack bnet servers, find your account information, and change it to like 99999-0. :)

Or trick a blizzard employee into thinking you are god and tell them to change it for you.

(if you didn't realise I was joking :shades: )


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Im_On_56k said:
Or trick a blizzard employee into thinking you are god and tell them to change it for you.
i tried it, but it didnt work out so well :banghead: luckily they didnt get hold of my cd key.

GJ owning those noobs 2v1. :)

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
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Not bad... Your guy did die in the first attack, but hey. You're trying to handle to sets, here! Break given.

I love how they started to almost beg ya to leave :) Ya scared them ;)

ROFL, I loved Yellow's attempt at Red's base. Little squad of Archers vers what, 4 Trolls? NO CONTEST!

2 seconds later it's accompanied by a bunch of Grunts, and it was like watching domino's fall :) Heh, bye bye Keeper!

Uh, I think Teal went to watch T.V. around then, too, cause his town sucked.


they underestimated their opponents and massed basic units..
that was their downfall..
well im happy that people watched it.

@56k i know the difference between crazy and insane :)
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