Spellpack 4 Blade Master Spells

Glad you like it your welcome to use it in your RPG please give credit where due (>.<)

Reply to Turok:

Look for where it does damage, look for my dummy skills that do damage edit those numbers.
I like all of the spells, and I was going to import them, but I don't know how. Is there any easy way to import spells, or do you have to painstakingly copy+paste all of the triggers? The error I got was, "Expected a name."

Thanks in advance.
Well Person You could just use his map and edit it size terrain ect then you don't have to change anything lol
Or you could do the copy/paste method
Or you could import every thing (Importing deletes any settings you have made and replaces with imported settings)
EDITED:what an idiot am i :p i have miclicked on a variable that why i couldn't import it.
Ah its good... :D oh i must laugh... look how the blademaster uses the rush... looks really funny... but i like it, mind if i use that skill in my map??? Credits will be given of course :)
Is there a way to make the 5 edges illusions spin around in a circe around the target? that would be cool:)
My opinions:

Sorry for the many capital letters, I can't help but..


I could give you a tip on improving demon strike, though.

Can you make it attack-ground? I mean, it strikes everyone in its way and not just the target unit.
yeah its possible , just im playing WOW atm whenever im bored I might do that o_O

If you have some knowledge, you can probaly base skill off an attack ground skill and set the point instead of loc of targeted unit the loc of targeted spell.
Hello, Can sombody convert Demon Strike from JASS to GUI for me please :)
I wish u'd include importing instructions. Here's a thought y not put the different triggers of the different spells in different folders as in one for each spell? So we don't have to import the entire folder just for one ability.
Other than that its awsome will give credit
Import intrstructions ehh, Too lazy ^^. Uhh just put the folders together. Some people might not want all the spells.
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