$679 Dream Computer...?


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That is a pretty good price for that build. Obviously you could do more if you throw a couple hundred more at it, but it's not bad as it is.


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be ready to add a good 200 dollars onto that 679 lol

(if you plan on getting those widescreens)


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700 for that isn't that great, everything is like 2 generations behind. You could get a current gen one for like 1000.


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it's decent as far as pre-built systems go.. but id still rather take a bundle from like tigerdirect as opposed to that

something like this

for $50 more:

750W PSU vs 600 W PSU
2.66 quad vs 2.93 dual
4 gb 1600 ram vs 4gb 800 ram
260 core 216 GPU vs 9800 GT
1TB hard drive vs 320 gb hard drive
as far as the case goes i dunno.. but just the graphics card upgrade is worth it

and here's a good cheap monitor to go with it

(coupon: WKF35JP9FR9BLQ)

brings the price down to $126 for a 22" full HDMI monitor
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