Sports 7-foot-7 Kenny George of UNC-Asheville has some huge issues

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DURHAM, N.C. – He's 22 years old, but Kenny George doesn't own a driver's license – and it's not because he can't merge onto a freeway or parallel park.

At 7-foot-7 and 360 pounds, George is too big to fit behind the wheel of a car.

When the UNC-Asheville basketball team goes on road trips, the local bus company removes two seats in the back so George can extend his legs. He has to sleep diagonally to fit into hotel beds, and in class George often sits on the floor because he can't squeeze into a chair.

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So tall and heavy.... I wonder if he can move as fast as normal players...

If he can, then he's gonna be a basketball player I don't wanna play against XD
It is going to be bad on his knees especially having to run back and forth on the court each play. He does not have that many minutes right now so it will be interesting to watch how he holds up getting more minutes. If he can keep from getting injured in College he can go in the first round of the NBA.
holy cow, look at how big his hand is. its even bigger than his head
imagine him standing beside a baby. he would be so big lawl
the highest horse in the world, it's 6 feet high horse next to a baby and world smallest horse

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