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    As the fires of the Second War died down and the mortal races of Azeroth we're left to rebuild all they had lost, on the hellish world of Draenor, Ner'zhul was left with a faction of the old horde and Draenor lieing torn and ravaged by the demonic energies of Gul'dan and his followers. After plotting his next moves carefully, Ner'zhul contructed a new orcish army. Consumed by their lust for blood, the orcs eagerly prepared to strike at the unsuspecting Alliance. The old shaman planned to open a number of portals on Draenor that would lead the Horde to new, unspoiled worlds to claim for their own. To power his grand design, Ner'zhul needed a number of enchanted artifacts from the world of Azeroth. To retrieve them, he reopened the Dark Portal and sent his anxious warriors charging through it.

    As the new Horde stepped into the Swamp of Sorrows once more, led by the veteran chieftain Grom Hellscream, they meet a more organized resistance then they had planned.

    The Alliance had taken some percautions to prevent the re-opening the portal that had led to the dustruction of their lands. Although skeptical, led by Khadgar, they had built Netherguard to watch over the portal's ruins.

    As the the tides of darkness begin anew, choose your allies well. Be a general of the blood thirstly orcs as they begin their quest for rampage. Or command the brave defenders of of Azeroth. As history unfolds, there can only be one victor in The Final Struggle.


    The Final Struggle supposed to be sort of a an AOS Hybrid. Mostly, Im planning on having it like a AOS with side quests and other stuff. It's not just based on taking down the enemies base.
    The basic principals so far:
    You start out with no creeps. You must do some quests to make some money then you buy them. So basicly you buy +1 footman or whatnot per wave.
    You could be either a merchant or something to help get mooney to support your team, a engineer/builder to help defend your base or an attacker to try and defeat yourt enemies base.
    Your base would not be controlled by a CPU. A player would be the one who has to by upgrades and the creeps. They wouldn't beable to mess around with the waves and move them.
    Each team has a few bosses. You may summon them only once. each team might get 3 lets say. 1 is pretty weak, 1 is medium, 1 is strong. You would have to wait a while to start summoning these and would have to wait a while in between summoning these. They would be used to help a big push or something.

    All this is pretty much subject to change, and most of it is still ideas floating around in my head. I'm going to need alot of help and Ideas to balance it and make it fun.

    Tell me what If you like the idea and what I should change/improve/add!
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    I actually like it, but I think a map like this needs something more. Make a very good system that keeps the game balanced even if two players of a team leave. In this kind of maps players have to rely a lot on each other, so they can't use leavers.
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    Yah, Im planning on making it less Buy one item and you can 1 hit everything like in dota and more based on teamwork. Items will be a very minimal part of this game. Most of your money will be pooled to either your captain(base controller) or to engineers that will help to make small expansions. I still need to think of a lot of things... Like how big the map is, small trading routes or something for the merchants and much more... right now I wanna see how many people like the idea of this game before I make it and ends up with nobody playing it...

    If people leave, I could make it so it gives the team more units at each spawn, or resources to spread as they please.
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    Don't make Items too minimal. Make sure they're still making a bit of a difference, especially the later stronger ones.

    Perhaps you can steal Sud's idea of aiming all the stun type abilities, to create more fair gameplay?

    I like the idea of having the creeps and stuff depend on your actions. That's why stuff like AWA and CoD are so much more fun. You get better based on how well you play. And then, even if your teammates are being crappy as all hell, you might be able to win anyway, based on YOUR skill.

    Give us more information about the story behind this for us to have more ideas about side quests and items and stuff. After all, you don't really want to fit R2D2 into Medevial Times, right? Just doesn't work.

    How big? What tileset? How many players? Basic little stuff like that (I skimmed through the first 3 posts, so forgive me if I didn't catch any of that.)

    Some advise: Your first post should always be the most organized, because people MAY simply read that to try to understand what's going on. Update that post when you get something done. That's how I do :cool: and the last couple of times, it worked wonders for luring unexpected mappers into my evil grasp, muahahahaha!

    Some more advise: Pst pst, don't make anti-DotA comments. Sud tried that, too, and he gets a lot of "hardcore" DotA fans joining CoD games just to say "DOTA 4 LIFE" and leave, or mess the game up by helping the enemy team... Maybe a kick system is in order?

    Hmm, maybe spread some gold around when a player leaves. If 2 people leave, take someone from the other team and stick him on the team that lost people. That sort of thing. I know Silverhawk used that for his Freeze Tag.

    LAST bit of advise: Use what you can find. I just stated about 3-4 things from other maps that you can incooperate into the map, without stealing that map's originallity. You can still come up with your own stuff and make a crazy cool map with a combination of all of that.

    Dig? Sweet :shades:
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    I dont mean they'll do next to nothing, just its not going to be like dota items... If you know what I mean

    Thanks :)

    Im working on it.

    Its still a bunch of ideas jumbled around in my head so Im working it all out... Ill update it as soon as possible. :)

    This is my first real thing I've acually done on the editor. Ill try to add an intro/background behind it as soon as I can.

    I wouldn't bother even if I did hate dota. Dota can be enjoyable if your playing with some friends. Besides the only thing making fun of dota would do is get lots of negative rep and my whole thread full of spam blah blah blah...

    Also, I'm very hesitant to make kicking systems... Because how can people learn a game they get kicked out of the first time they ask a noobish question. (Can anyone imagine if they added a kicking system to DOTA? :eek: )

    I mentioned I would try and find a balanced way to even out the game if someone leaves. Silverhawk's system is genious, the only thing is, if someone whos playing with a friend( or just being an ass) and they get switched over
    They'd get all bitter and A) quit B) help the other team. :banghead:

    Well thats it for now... Whew thats like the longest thing Ive ever posted... But anyways thanks for all the advice Alexander.

    Edit: Just added an Intro, and gave it a name. Check it out.

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