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Version 0.7
-Added Changelog+Credits in the Manual(F9)
-Changed the interface a little bit
-tweaked some tower abilitys
-balanced tower upgrades
-re-done tower upgrades
-fixed bugs with tower upgrades
-increased mob hitpoints in higher levels
-increased life
-decreased armortype effectivity
-added 3 creep abilitys (endurance aura, spell shield, life regen)
-cleaned memory leaks and bugs in triggers
-small gameplay bug fixes
-added new item (true sight)
-New terrain style!
-Naga race created!
-balanced joker race
-added special items at the merchant (items got to be bought by the townhall)

Coming for next update:
-single-player mode with saved scores (game cache)
-game modes (vote for modes at start)
-new race (high elven)
-special towers (items)

please leave comments and ideas for future versions. your scores+races for the hall of fame and suggestions for improvements.
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downlpoading and testing ASAP pal.If you need any ideas for the highelven race tell me, or just post it like you did with the joker race.


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Current ideas for the high elven race:
High Elfs:
The high elven towers are using mana energy. the mana is providden by mana fountains. those fountains give mana reg+ to nearby towers.
all towers use mana for effects like bonus damage etc. without mana high elven towers are pretty weak.
[all high elven towers got negative mana regeneration!]
the upgrades will effect the mana capacity and mana reg for example. upgraded towers wont deal more damage etc but get stronger abilitys.
the high elven race aint got an ultimate tower but their builder will become a fighter when the ultimate tower is researched [BloodMage model].

thats it right now, not much but i ll start thinking about it later. [The single player system and some new items got priority.]


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everyone who downloaded version 0.7! delete it and download the updated version 0.7b (the name of the attachment is still 0.7)
unfortunately i've uploaded the wrong data, the version which were released here had a major bug in multiplayer mode.
its now fixed, greetings Accname.


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Tested the map online, the races were joker, naga and human.I won :p(the human) and it was really fun, although you might wanna make a mode that screws up the other player, perhaps a mode where there are 10 creeps at your side.when you kill a creep he spawns at your oponents side.After 15 seconds another wave of 5 enemies comes(the wave is stronger) and so on and so on.


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I tried it, it crashed at game start, i retries, it crashed at level 5, i retried, it crashed at defficulty selection and retried a last time to see it crash at level 7

2 of em were online with 2 players.

Other then that, it was awesome, just give us more time for difficulty choosing thing and also, either reduce mobs names or press enter in the middle of it cause mobs names get out of their reserved spot...

Good luck and nice map (please fix the GIANT bug)
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