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Before my interest in the World Editor faded, I started a new project, "The Hellgate of Theramore". However, deficiency of inspiration soon impaired my motivation, and the project was forgotten. Now, it rests in my Warcraft III folder, waiting patiently to be finished.

As the name might insinuate, its story concerns one of the last standing Dimensional Waygates connected to the larger fragments of Outland, which will soon, unless it is sealed quickly, transport millions of mindless demons, having a natural, morbid desire for blood, havoc and chaos.

Please help me. I can't continue my work without more decent ideas.


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This sounds too good, i have no choice but to suggest ideas :p

Firstly are you helping the demons or defending your land from them?

if you are helping them,

Have an enemy blocking the exit like humans which get stronger as you go through.

If you are defending your land,

The monsters get stronger as the game progresses.

Blazing Axe
Inferno Hellfire
Balloon Sword
Death Mask
Potion of K.O
Massive Weapon of Destruction
Freaky mask (some like this :eek: )
Mini-Infernal Juggernaut
Cloak of Spell Immunity
Gloves of Danger (attracts strong enemies!)
Watery Bubble
Egg of Dragons
A Dirt Rock
Wendigo Way Fork
Fork of Lightning
Volcanic Ash (summons pheonix)
Wand of Incineration
Wand of High Voltage
Wand of Ground shuddering
Wand of Low temperatures
Detonation Ground (instantly kills summoned units( set damage for summoned units to 45834593875698745634))
Dragon's Fang

I'll think of more (if you need more)


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Thank you very much for your ideas, but I was hoping for more general guidance. The story, for instance, sounds very ordinary now.

The idea concerning the "Volcanic Ash" item sounds interesting. Although I'd give it the ability to asphyxiate enemies instead of spawning a Phoenix: Volcanic Ash, so I've learned, is very dangerous.


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A few years after the scourge and the burning legion were defeated by the corrosive heroes or the great world editor, In the outland district, a new warlock named "Therasifor" opened a dimension in which he could lead his forces back into the world of warcraft to do more terror and things!

(i didnt know if you were defending humans or helping dead people so i did 2 2nd parts):

Aide your fellow scourge through the dimension without too many killed by the gullable humans so that they can destroy what they wanted theirs.


Using various heroes of the past, defeat the enemies of the living to keep your land, or face a terrible fate!

and then your credits :D


You could do 2 fade filters which show either when a scourge player makes it or dies:

1 Ally Lost! or 1 Ally Escaped!

Or a fade filter to show a scourge player makes it (if you are playing as the defenders):

Enemy Escaped into wilderness!

Grab any useful icons, skins and models that you need ( i know it will be a lot of file space that is what i will say next)

Manually protect your map when you know you have added everything that you want to add to it and you are sure that it is finished!

That's all i can give at the moment, good luck with your map!


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or backup your map if you wanna beta test without stealers stealing

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You know, what DID happen to khadgar? :D :p No seriously ... maybe you could make it so that, years later, his descendants, living among the barren wastes of outland, discover the volatile rift of magic still present, and then its increasingly active state. One day, it opens with great violence, cleaving the land, (and conviently dividing the two forces), and the descendsants of the original party must battle from their village to reach the portal in an AoS of sorts; the portal would continually pour out demons, who would get stronger and stronger, while khadgers grandson/grand apprentice would be a NPC youd have to guide safely to the portal; hed revive if he died back at the start. OR, you could make it so that you must prevent the portal from being completely opened; it could be in teh cetner of the map, and whoever stepped on the circle right next to it for 10 minutes would win the game for his team, or at least summon a huge demon or make the portal stronger. You could capture villages and such as you progressed through the map, and maybe environmental hazards like breaking a rock pile to release a boulder that rolled down a slope, or flipping a lever and obliberatiing a bridge :D :p

Hope this helps :)
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