Poetry A Shunned Body


Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia
Just a poem I wrote for school.

A Shunned Body
From the depths of sorrow and blackness,
Ruination and destruction have been my only allies,
And not a single life form has attempted to banish them,
Nor has any man understood my pain.
Killing and violence have been my only respite;
Elevating my soul by any other means has only failed.
Nothingness has surrounded my entire being,
So I must retreat from society
To attempt to hide my gruesome being from the hatred.
Even when I exert the most awesome force against such feelings,
Inside myself, nothing exists save for a want of death.
Never can I return to scoeity,
Since man has shunned my body, and so my mind has gone with it.

My last hope is that never again shall a being such as myself,
Or any other horror which mankind rejects,
Never again shall be created on this Earth.
Sapience deserts all men once the gaze upon me.
To implore them otherwise is futile,
Except for one man, who could not see my being,
Rendered me unfit for humanity.


Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia
Thanks :thup:
When I used "awesome," I meant it more like this:
Inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
As opposed to this:
Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.
The poem is actually an acrostic, in case you didn't notice ;)


The Evolved Panda Commandant
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Hey, Knight. Fancy meeting you here. :D Wow that sounds strange.

I guess Rappunk sums it up. :)

I love teh descriptions and... depth, I think. You can really tell what is happening through all those, perhaps, sadistic lines, haha.

:thup: Good job!
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