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    This series by George R. R. Martin is currently composed of 5 novels, currently, with two more given the status of "forthcoming". It takes place in the fantasy realm of Westeros and mostly circles a civil war due to the actions of the ruling lords and ladies of the different regions. The cast of characters is vast, I've currently met probably over 40 or so characters, and I'm only halfway through the first book.

    Speaking of "first book", the books are:

    A Game of Thrones
    A Clash of Kings
    A Storm of Swords
    A Feast for Crows
    A Dance with Dragons

    For those of you who follow big hit HBO series television, you'll realize that this is the series the show Game of Thrones is based on.

    The setting is high fantasy but there's not as much magic as you would assume. As a matter of fact, from what I've seen thus far, there is no magic except the mention of spells being woven into blades by certain blacksmiths and the lore of Dragons, which are now believed to be extinct. [I, however, believe we'll be seeing some Dragons later on due to one of the character's wedding gift being jeweled "Dragon eggs" which I suspect are real eggs]

    The main conflict in the book so far is politics; The plot revolves mostly around the schemes and plots of different families who are always interested in getting a higher seat of power in the status quo.

    So far, some of my favorite characters are Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf son of one of the ruling Lords and Jon Snow, the bastard son of another Lord who is currently a member of the Night's Watch, an order of outcasts and criminals charged with guarding the Wall in the north against the Wildlings.

    The writing really pulls you in. I was actually angry when one character tossed a seven year old boy from a tower, just because you got to like the kid so much.

    Anyone else read these? If you haven't, go grab Game of Thrones. Read it. Love it. Talk about it.
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    I remember reading the first book [or was it another book within the series], and it ended with an author's note saying that a sequel was going to be shipped within a month.
    It came years later.

    I've read the first book, loved it. Never really got back into it though. Are the later books just as good as the first?
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    I'm still getting through the first book, actually... I think I have another 200 or less pages left, so you figure another day or two if I get some time dedicated to reading between work and kids running around the house.

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