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I am not sure that this has any relevance or I just am making a mistake, using a single ability manipulated for different transformation will not work. I tried to have the base unit able to transform into 3 different things using crow form as the base ability and it would change into the different units in order of obtained and not order pressed.

Pressed = result
use ability 1 = unit 1
use ability 1 again = unit 2
press ability 2 = unit 3.

I ended up using crow form, bear form and metamorphosis, which is good because I wanted to limit the last one to a certain amount of time, not permanent.
There's a big problem from my abilities!!
It goes like this

Gives additional armor to nearby friendly units. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA1,.>. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA2,.>. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA3,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 4|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA4,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 5|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA5,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 6|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA6,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 7|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA7,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 8|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA8,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 9|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA9,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 10|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA10,.>.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 11|r - Increases base armor by <AHad,DataA11,.>.

this text above here is the tooltip-learn-extended of my customized skills. So i put it also to my customized hero. and when i try it i point my mouse to the research icon of my customized hero in the game and when i looked. The base armor didnt increase from lvl3 to lvl11 it is constant
It seems like you don't really understand what this line does: <AHad,DataA1,.>
This line writes a certain value of a certain spell in a description. The thing that's good about this line is that it automaticaly updates your description when you change values in your spell. That's really handy! But you have to access the right values to the right ability.
In your case you got the right values but the wrong spell! If I haven't missunderstood you completly, you have created a custom spell based on Devotion Aura with 11 levels.

"AHad" is the ID of the spell you access values from in this line: <AHad,DataA1,.> and DataA1 stands for the armor increment of level 1 in that spell. AHad is actually the ID for the original Devotion Aura. So in the description of your custom spell you actually access armor increment of the original Devotion Aura! And since Devotion Aura only got 3 levels and can't find the value for level 4 or higher that you ask for in this line: <AHad,DataA4,.> it automaticaly writes the armor increment for level 3 again.
If you want to fix this problem you have to find the ID of your custom spell. You can do this in you object editor by going to "View" and turn "Display values as raw data" on. If you check on your custom spell (in spell list at the left in the object editor) now you should find that instead of the name of the spell it now stands the ID of your spell! To fix the description error, write the ID <"HERE",DataA4,.> without the " ". Hope i helped.
Spell book Drains MP

I would like to know how can I make Spell Book drain 5 MP per secod.

If i can't do this I would like to learn to make a skill that drains from me 5 MP per second and gives me when activated 75% dodge chance!
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