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When testing something Azlier and Jesus4Lyf brought up, I, We, found that there are hidden player colours, that seem to be applying random textures from a set pool to the unit.

Limitations: You can only change its colour to it through [lJASS]call SetUnitColor(Unit, ConvertPlayerColor(22 or 23))[/lJASS]. Glows on Heroes will display improperly and malfunction in showing. (Screenshot below.)

Attached here a is a short demo map to show its use. You must type -next to view the first one, type -next again to see the latter. There are a multitude of these, but most of these textures are map-specific. In some maps they will crash, in some others they may not. To test these just edit the SetUnitColor call within the map provided.



Old World Ghost
>When testing something Azlier and Jesus4Lyf, I found that there are two hidden player colours

Okay, many things wrong with this.

1. Lack of proper English :p
2. I started the whole thing, Jesus4Lyf threatened to beat me to showcasing it.
3. I was telling a story of how I discovered this dark red player color on accident and needed someone to find it once again for me.

Yes, you did indeed find the yellow brown one.

Oh, and the Player native returns a player. Not a playercolor. Sort of a 'duh' kinda thing that it crashes.

Hehe, haha, I knew I wasn't crazy.

Edit: Okay, nearing proper English...


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
I corrected it, I didn't notice till 30 seconds after posting. Screenshots coming up now.


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
Check out newest SS's, Hero glows malfunction as expected, but 23 seems too display its hero's texture with it.


Old World Ghost
I think it might actually have to do with replaceable texture ID's. This is a rather unexplored area of Warcraft, after all. Have you tried 31? Might not do anything, but still...

>Also wondering what this looks like in the F11 menu - seeing another player with that colour.

Obviously, it will have the player's texture :p.


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
Screenshot up, the negation of colour mayhap?


Old World Ghost
Wow! I'm glad I started this craze, that wisp looks amazing!


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
I think.. I stumbled onto something. It seems that the race, doth influence the texture it will change into. It seems a fixed change for races.

Edit: I was wrong unfortunately, it seems to be a pool of 3 textures, but each will adhere to its own latter change.

Edit Again: 22 and 23 of changing a Player's colour is just Green and Pink.


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Now I have new special effects to use in spells!
How did you create those white circles in the SS? I can only get white blocks.

Maybe something can happen with Set Ally Color Mode.... though probably not.


Good Idea™
Your first post needs major cleanup.

Anyway, the texture used seems to be random, making this useless for special textures? The white one is ugly. >.<

Edit: It seems it is a pool of 4, but 1 is very rare.

I tried out [LJASS]ConvertPlayerColor(28)[/LJASS] and I think it is the coolest so far for a wisp. It is practically stable. I think it is actually usable.

Edit: Ok. Wisps, 16-71.
16 - Crash.
17 - Crash.
18 - Lame.
19 - Lame.
20 - Crash.
21 - Crash.
22 - Lame.
23 - Lame.
24 - Crash.
25 - Crash.
26 - Crash.
27 - Crash.
28 - * Very usable (But is sometimes just a blue wisp).
29 - Lame.
30 - Lame.
31 - Pretty cool (But one is the day/night cycle texture).
32 - Pretty cool (But one is a strange thing pointing down).
33 - Crash.
34 - Crash.
35 - Crash.
36 - Crash.
37 - Crash.
38 - Lame. Same as 22.
39 - Lame.
40 - Wierdly cool (probably not usable) (But is sometimes just a grey wisp).
41 - Really cool (but is sometimes just a grey wisp or has a square thing).
42 - Crash.
43 - Crash.
44 - Lame. (Same as 22?)
45 - Lame.
46 - Lame.
47 - * Cool (But does have a lame square thing sometimes).
48 - Crash.
49 - Crash.
50 - Lame.
51 - Lame.
52 - Crash.
53 - Crash.
54 - Lame.
55 - Lame.
56 - Crash.
57 - Crash.
58 - Lame.
59 - Lame.
60 - Crash.
61 - Crash.
62 - Lame.
63 - Lame.
64 - Crash.
65 - Crash.
66 - Lame.
67 - Lame.
68 - Crash.
69 - Crash.
70 - Lame.
71 - Lame.
"Lame" means it has a chance of being a flashing box of some sort. "Crash" means it fatals.

The crash crash lame lame pattern that appears seems to still be going at 127 - Lame, 128 - Crash, 129 - Crash, 130 - Lame, so I shall stop there.
Edit: Negative numbers are constant! (Well, the low ones are.)
-1 - Crash.
-02 - Crash.
-03 - Crash.
-04 - Blue faded square.
-05 - Same as -4.
-06 - Same as -4.
-07 - Yellow faded square.
-08 - Teal faded square.
-09 - Less faded blue square.
-10 - Same as -4.
-11 - Pink faded square.
-12 - Green fade square.
-13 - Same as -7.
-14 - Same as -7.
-15 - Purple faded square.
-16 - Same as -8.
-17 - Same as -9.
-18 - Red faded square.
-19 - Crash.
-20 - Crash.
// Goes back to random.
-21 - Lame.
-22 - Lame.
-23 - Crash.
-24 - Crash (why am I not surprised).
-25 - Lame.
-26 - Lame.

-123 - Lame.
-124 - Sometimes crashes.
-125 - Sometimes crashes.
-126 - Same as 31?
-127 - * Very usable. Cool. (Sometimes just a grey wisp).
-128 - * Cool. (Sometimes just a grey wisp).
-254 - Crash.
-254 - Crash.
-255 - Crash.
-256 - Crash.
-257 - Crash.
So it's worth checking out 28, -127, -128 and maybe 40.

Edit: Turns out this seems to be map specific, so the above is mostly useless. :( Lol.


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Those wisps are awesome :D


Old World Ghost
Coolest WC3 thing I've ever seen, if it's animated all awesomely...


Old World Ghost
Just for kicks, why not try the maximum integer value?

WC3C feels that the native goes outside bounds, steals textures, and we could possibly execute bytecode through a "texture". Why does everything J4L and I touch have to lead to a virus?


(Evol)ution is nothing without love.
Posting new Screenshots soon, I tested it with The Replaceable Id 31 like Azlier suggested.
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