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Discussion in 'Small Business Helper' started by tsbhelper, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Hi All,

    In the process of setting up another QuickBooks accounting sytem for my son's business, I added a new feature in order to save lots of time, space, and hassle in keeping track of invoices, bank deposits, and checks, and basically all other accounting and business records which would ordinarily take up lots of space and take lots of time to file.

    It is awesome. The whole filing system is entirely paperless, and costs absolutely nothing to purchase. It is easy to install and painless to use. Would love to explain how to do this if someone is interested enough to ask me to.

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    Intresting .

    Here in holland we have 3 choices re book keeping for a small bussines ..

    1 buy a package that is filled with tons of stuff you do not need and costs an arm and a leg .

    choice number 2
    super simple book keeping programs that are cheap but just miss that one thing you really needed .

    3 custom made program. when it works it works. But when MS decides to bring out a new OS it will not run for whatever reason ..
    Or the support is the real money maker whenever a problem emerges ..

    Right now our cash registers do all the ordering and make reservations for goods . we do our book keeping on it. the system does everything automated .
    Yet it runs in Dos and uses some Dbase version .
    it's super stable and you can just do anything with it .

    little offtopic the last part but o well .
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    Old DOS Programs


    My most favorite accounting package ever was an old DOS program that died of the Y2K bug. Was looking at the newer version they wanted me to buy that ran under Windows, and then looked at QuickBooks. QuickBooks was about $50 more, but was better in almost every way. Bought QuickBooks 2000 and have been using it ever since.

    Not thinking that QuickBooks has a foreign language version, but anyway, if you have something that works and you are comfortable using, the rule is, if it's not broken, don't try to fix it.

    Unfortunately, this Paperless Filing System Solution doesn't work with old DOS packages, so you couldn't add it on to what you already have. However, with a little study I would imagine it could be fairly easily integrated into almost any Windows based software package, not just QuickBooks.

    The Small Business Helper
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    Use a scanner to scan receipts for records as well? I know QuickBooks will keep track of bank records, payroll, etc and can even tie into the online versions for making sure everything is up to date or electronically transmit payroll. The only thing I usually end up having to do is save receipts for whatever deductions, because while I can key them into the program and it can figure out what they're for, when the audit comes, nothing beats having the paper to prove it.
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    As far as I have been able to determine, the IRS will accept a copy of a canceled check as proof of an expense, without a receipt. Nowadays most banks have switched to no longer actually giving you the cancelled check back, unless you specifically request it.

    We also keep receipts for business expense filed by date only, just filing them as we get them, no sorting out into categories or vendors. All this is handled in QuickBooks. The date is all you need to find the receipt if there is a question.

    The only requirement for a scanner that the Paperless Filing System has is when you are making up a bank deposit. We are scanning all checks along with the deposit they go into, in case the bank has a problem with reconciling a deposit slip with the checks that were included with it. This has happened before, and the copies of the checks, along with the deposit slip were just about the only way I could straighten it out.

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    Our system is setup in such a way it works under Dos on a small novel internal network that communicates with the master server thru a normal modem at night time .

    it is amazing to see how flexible this program is .

    tho this is sorta of topic but knowing the helper a tadd i am going offtopic here :)

    if i look at other shops and their checkout/register systems it is amazing to see how limmited they are .

    we are talking dos and dbf files .

    Imagine a store .. any store ..
    this thing registers everything .

    internal memo's to HQ and all other shops ..
    price changes . every morning i just hit the print button and i add the new prices to the products on the shelf (not on the product itself)

    i can easilly make reservations .
    producted that have a reservation are flagged ..

    you name it it is there .

    if you are intrested i can make a few photo's and explain in detail (that will go outside of this forum tho hehe)

    the previous company owner sold the whole bunch to a Dixons UK .
    we talking alot of money here .

    He was also smart enuff not to sell the register/cashout system . infact we are so depended on this system that dixons rents this system each month for alot of money .

    The former owner now resides in the swizz with 2 dos/dbase programmers and setting this up for more store .

    now imagine a system that runs on a 486 (we did for 8 years, we now all got p4's tho) is lighting fast (10 megabit network will do).

    it does your inventory (it orders products that are sold itself)
    bonus cards for customers so they get a discount on certain ranges of products . this is linked to a system so they can grab the emails and send out news letters .
    i got 5 million customers in this database from all the other shops .
    i got the entire country in it where i just need to ask the postal code and the house number and blam i got all the info i need cept phone and email .

    if you have a mic feel free to contact me on the Teamspeak server .

    i do not know how it all works in the USA part from 7 visits to the states and seeing how the comp stores and grocery stores works . i would say there is a market here for flexible register management .

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