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Acehart - The World Editor Version

So I am married with children and not really into the Internet so much then I start noticing blowing up. Apparently Wargasm and Darg had set up a World Editor Help Forum and it was getting tons of posts. I would come into the site and look at new posts and there would always be multiple pages of new posts in the World Editor Section.

I was not involved with the site much at that time. That happens from time to time as real life might take over my time and one of the core members always takes over. When that happens people still ask questions here and somebody still answers them. We had lots of questions that were getting answered and some that were not and apparently scmaker noticed those unanswered questions and stepped in!

SDRyoko was in the trenches at this time, as he was working on his Tower Defense and had found help in our forums. As well as many others I do not recall their names. They were all helping there best but the game was new and things were being learned. Thanks to all the Helpers that make this forum Possible!

SDRyoko was already a mod and Darg (Founder), Wargy and I were trying to manage things and not quite making it because the question volume was too high. We needed another Mod. SDRyoko noticed Acehart. I went on a little research mission and determined Acehart = scmaker....

So Acehart enters the picture. The best mod eva!!! of the StarEdit forums and about to be the best one in the World Editor Forums as well.

In the beginning Ace was modding with Ryoko and Darg. Those were the days. The World Editor Help Forum was the best in the business rivaling anything Blizzard had to offer with the people we had as mods and Helpers.

Ryoko's Tower Defense and 56Ks Maps both went on the Blizzard Feature list and World Editor Tutorials was in Full Force!

The site exploded in size during the World Editor heydays and we were having server problems.

Wargasm was gone, Chile was gone, everyone who knew about Hosting was gone and I was struggling with handling all that and Ace stepped in.

We got onto Softlayer and Ace took over the server.

He set everything up just right. Tightened the place down like a steel drum. Then we took on the DDOS attacks...

To be continued!
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