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  • Project description: Total conversion for WC3, based on the C&C95 game, the project's aim is to have identical singleplayer missions and a fun multiplayer map on its own.
  • Places to fulfill:
Terrainer: I will take care of the Singleplayer mission terraining, because I think I'm the only one that has the original game. So far I've done 2 missions (which can be found in the thread)
Currently need someone to make a good RTS 5v5 map, or 2 even
3D Modeling: No problem here on my side, the only thing I need is someone who actually understands TextureId/MaterialId cause I seem to fail to.
2D Modeling: My crappy load screens are good enough :p
Triggering/JASS: NEEDED!! My triggers are not the best, but certainly not the worst :p need someone who is good at making MUI triggers and making non-MUI into MUI, etc.
Beta Testers: NEEDED!! lots and lots :D


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  • Project description: A new unique RPG where the world doesn't revolve around you. There will be wars going on all the time, random wars. Depending on how these kingdoms fight depends on how easily you can level up. Travel this massive world, exploring new clans, making new allies and defeating old enemies. Contains many different systems but needs peoples help to continue for it is too big to do by my self.
  • Places to fulfill:
Ideas: Not so much needed but my imaginatons has a limited. It's basically for the lore of the RPG. Need 1 or 2 people.
Quests: Need at least 2 people helping with this. The game revolves around quests and with this RPG is hard to make becasue it depends if the kingdoms are still alive.
Triggers (GUI, Jass): By triggers I mean people to create new systems. Like Inventory or perhaps a revival trigger. As the RPG goes on we will require new systems and we need someone to help make it. Need 2 people.
Custom Spells: Self explanitory. The Heros have 30 levels, that means i need 5 different spells, two of which I can have based of War III but the last 3 I want to have triggerd, it doesn't have to be MUI. Need 2 people.
Custom Units: I need people to search for models and from that model create a new unit. It's pretty fun to tinker around with a unit to make it balanced or unbalanced depending on it's status. Need 2 people.
Custom Items: There are many differet units in this world and so there must be many different items to accompany them. Really easy, you can create an item that we are looking for and make sure the Text fields are good and then we will use it. Sometimes you will have requests for a certain item. Need 1 Person.


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* Project name: Cowardice TD
* Link to thread:

* Project description: A unique TD that involves creeps not only running along multiple paths, but also your builder being able to lure creeps, level up, and be vulnerable to being attacked. I'ved explained in more detail in the project thread.

* Places to fulfill:

Jass/vJASS: This is really the only thing I need help with. I need someone who can be dedicated and help with Jass/vJass.

* Project status:

Terrain: 100%
Concept: 100%
Object Editor (Units/Items): 60%
Skills: 70%
Triggers (GUI/Jass/vJass): 70%


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* Project name: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

* Project description: An AOS Style map with Epic Heros from sci-fi shows, and video games.

* Places to fulfill:
Spell Making

* Project status:

Terrain: 80% At the moment will be revamping once I have more done
Concept: 100%
Object Editor (Units/Items): 25-50%
Triggers (GUI/Jass/vJass): 30-50%

Im pretty much looking for people who wanna make an awesome game to rival dota and other AOS style maps. All input and help is appreciated.

Project Link


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  • Project description: This is a terrain showcase that is put into a cinematic to show the terrain in motion, not just some pictures.
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI/Jass: I need someone who can make cinematics well for me so we can have the terrain showcase. Basically, you need expirience in cinematics.

Project Status:
Terraining: 80%
Triggers 10%
Models: 100%
Overall: 63%

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Project name:
Swamp Team Arena

Link to thread:

Project description:
FROM THE DIRT built Arena Without all the lame
~Safe~ zones in normal Arenas where you can level in peace
Action Guarantee

WILL be aimed at teamwork! for once... also there's gonna be bosses that need to be killed in order to win

What i need help whit:
* Some Hero Ideas
* Some Making of Heroes and everything around it
* Making of Items, Recipes, Shops and so on
* make it possible to transfer items from hero to a Stash from anywhere on the map
* Creeps
* Anything else that might be needed to be done

Everyone that helps will be co-creators

I will spend most of my time making this terrain really great and also making heroes

Terrain: 30%
Map Triggers 60%+
Hero Triggers 40%
Units: 20%
Items: 1%
Overall: 30%


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  • Project description: Basically it's a 3 faction AoS... I have added a lot that I thought would make the AoS game type a bit more interesting just adding a little bit more strategy and carnage to it due to the 3 factions and the other things I put into play. If you want more info click on the link above.
  • Places to fulfill: Well it's not too complicated... I really just need some testers haha. Anyone up for testing it. I have changed quite a bit from the screenshots on the link but generally it's similar and plays the same as the post says. Just changed up the terrain and fixed up some glitches improved heroes etc. So I am looking for testers to make sure there are no more bugs present and that can help me balance out the heroes a bit...


is now a game developer :)
  • Project description :
    An Arena + MiniAoS type hybrid map, check the thread for more info.
  • Places to fulfill:
v/JASS Spellmaker - currently i need someone who has experience in coding spells who can help me brainstorm and code some spells 'cause sometimes i'm busy with other stuff.
  • Project description: A fast paced minigame for 12 players with multiple features. A really fun time "consumer" that supports 4 game modes so far, as well as miscellaneous extras and a strong AI.
  • Places to fulfill:

BETA TESTING: Currently this project is in need of lots of testing since some new engines were added and almost every piece of code was rewritten. Ideas are also welcome and can be considered for newer versions.


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  • Project description: Forest Labyrinth places two teams scattered in a forest labyrinth, crossed by a river. Each player has to find his comrades and defeat the other players, which is no easy task, as the players must cross the river to get to all of their allies. The river is protected by beasts and guardians. Are you prepeared?
  • Places to fulfill:
Hero Designer: If you want to be a Hero Designer, you have to be able to come up with ideas about heroes, their abilities, base stats, history and generally everything a hero needs.
Hero Creation Helper: Basically, we will be working together to create the hero with the Editor, from Abilities to looks.
Creep Designer: You will be responsible for the creeps the heroes will face. Position Taken by Marcel
Trigger Editor: Now this is a big deal. You will be responsible for cooperating with practically everyone to help out. Let's face it, simple triggers are just not the way of doing things, and I'll be straight with you, you will be working hard sometimes, but if anyone can make all the difference in the project, that's you.
Item Designer: Last, but not at all the least, you will be responsible for the Items the Heroes will purchase throughout their battle. Names, history, abilities,-it's all up to you.

Project Status:


  • Project description: Now comes an epic evolving battle between the Beholder and the Defiled which struggles in an ancient sunken realm, it is said that a sacred treasure relies in this sunken empire which grants eternal happiness was broken in two pieces, one captured by the Beholder and the other half captured by the Defiled. Choose what force you reside, choose your hero and help your team defeat the opposing force to capture the other half of the sacred treasure.

    Facilitate your lane, upgrade soldiers, capture bases, plan your strategy, enjoy ass-kickin' battles and make your way to the top, the all new Realms of the Genesis v3 is here, an AoS map created by Sinnergy (me) inspired from Realms of the Genesis v1, now optimized and rebalanced to fit what this map really means, Kick-ass.
  • Places to fulfill:
MODELLING: Simple special effect artist
TEXTURING: Skin for some heroes, and Ability or Items, or Hero icons


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  • Project description: An epic orpg unlike no other ever released. Plan to have 100s of ways to customize your hero, jobs to make money, 100s of quests, 100s of items, all around amazing.
  • Places to fulfill:
MODELLING:needed for some creeps and some bosses.
ABILITYS:we need someone to make ALOT of custom abilitys!


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Title: The Lost Troll Tribes

Click here to instantly proceed to the project's thread.

Description: An attempt to create a game made from the basic structures of Ice Troll Tribe and Island Troll Tribe. See the thread for more information.

Places to Fulfill: The thread is constantly updated to let potential helpers know what they can do that can help the most. All highly needed help is posted on the first spoiler in the thread.


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  • Project description:A single-player RPG with some systems and good gameplay that make the player feel that he's playing a MMORPG
  • Places to fulfill:

JASS : Just to change me this system (Make it compatible with the attachment system and the fighting system and set max item to a page (don't know how many item a page can hold)) and also to make me the fighting system,coding AI for AI :)P) : Sometime an AI player apperear,he can kill monster,buy item and even learn skill.The player can have up to 3 of these AIs in his team...
MODELLER : Make me unarmed models nakeds and boots,armors pant etc models.If you're interessed then PM me


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  • Project description: A like-troll tribes but not the same, this game mostly bases on the islands, going from island to island looking for a better place to enstablish the base.

  • Places to fulfill:
Terrainer - Needed to do a big terrain mostly water but with alot fo diffrent islands.
JASS dude - to make abit more advanced spells :D
Modeller - needed to do some Models and Icons
Texturing - Making some icons.


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  • Project name: Hero Base Defend

  • Link to thread:

  • Project description: A Defense map where you and your friends plays a hero fighting desperately to defend your shared base from the Orcs. The further you push the Orcs back, the harder it gets. Supports 1-8 players.

  • Places to fulfill:
    Beta Testers: I need lots of feedback for bugfixes, suggestions for improvements, etc.


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  • Project description: It will be like other normal ORPG's, but it will rely on member's suggestions - it will have maybe 8 or 10 heroes, and many quests to be added.
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: Triggers, needed
JASS: Possibly
MODELLING: Yes (including Icons)
TEXTURING: Err... Maybe not.


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Project name: Dungeon Crawl (Name subject to change)

Link to thread:

Project description: A (Currently) 7 player dungeon map. Much like an instance in World of Warcraft.

Places to fulfill:

GUI Trigger consultant : To review triggers and check for bugs/leaks. Also to answer questions on how to create certain triggers.

Item Creator : To help in the creation of items.

General Consultant : To answer questions about any misc. question about the editor or game mechanics that I may have

Reviewer/Tester : To test the map at any stage and to give a second opinion on how the map is shaping up.

Credit of course will be given.
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