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  1. BluMist

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    Project name: Shamanism
    Link to thread:
    Project description: An invigorating game of teamwork and cooperation of your team. Pretty much unique in anyway. There really isnt much space to explain the game so click the link :)
    Places to fulfill: People that can make really flashy spells aka good JASS coder,
    and someone who can deal with triggers.
  2. SarChasm

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    • Project description: An attempt to make a WC3 version of the classic PC game Black and White. Two rival gods strive for the hearts and souls of 10 warring tribes on an island. God players will focus mainly on bringing their chosen tribe to victory, and either converting or destroying all other tribes. Mortal players will strive for dominance of the island, making subjects of all the other tribes. This game will have an extreme emphasis on micro-management, and players will have to manage everything from their tribe's food supply, island-wide diplomacy, and the well being of each tribe member. Having superior battle tactics is highly valued over simply massing troops. Gods are represented in the world as a creature. While starting out weak, these creatures can grow in power, perhaps even eventually matching the might of an entire army.
    • Places to fulfill:
    JASS: Someone who knows plentiful about fixing up leaks and making things MUI. I'm having some very serious issues with that. A little more basic knowledge of JASS would be good for some more advanced abilities and features though.
    Terraining: The following link has some in-game screenshots of Black and White. I'm looking for island terrain, but not too tropical of an island.
    Conceptual/Gameplay Mechanics: I've got most of this handled, and quite honestly, I don't really need someone whose specific role is this. Anyone can get involved.
    Balance Testers
  3. Ioannes

    Ioannes Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

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    • Project description: Three teams face off in an attempt to establish control over key points in the wrecked city of Cressus. The gameplay is basically RingWars-like, but less oriented towards hero skirmishes or sieges.
    • Places to fulfill:

    JASS: Must know how to properly code things like spawning or leatherboards

    (ALPHA&BETA TESTING: Several volunteers will be needed LATER; Must be willing to waste time on a crappy map :) )

    • Further notes:

    I will take care of the terrain and the tuning of units/abilities.

    3/5 of the map is completed by now - that is, almost all objects and terrain. I still will be glad to have someone interested,

    thanks in advance.
  4. asipo

    asipo New Member

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    • Project description:
      Its a RPG game where you as the guild leader that manage guild such as recruiting member, take a quest and do it.
      Just see the link above for the overview or the detail of the game

      Supposed to be a simple game but interesting on the gameplay.
      Might no need at all for JASS or Modelling
      Need a creative terrain and quest.

    • Places to fulfill:
      I believe, there is no need for an expert in order to create this game.
    Person - Give idea on skill and make them
    No need for JASS, only simple GUI

    Person - Give idea on the quest and make them
    Very creative to thinking a quest for the game

    Person - Give idea on the terrain and make them
    Creative to create the terrain (its creative, not expert or overhaul the terrain)
  5. Vylatin

    Vylatin New Member

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    Looking for a Terrainer!


    I got a really nice map idea, but can't start work on it as I am stuck with the terrain. I am a perfectionist, and can't leave something in a "bleh!" condition.

    So, if you are skilled and love to terrain, I could really need a hand here.

    Heres a description of the map...

    It is 5vs5 arena type map. All of the players start in a beautifull human city, with a picked unit. In the city you mostly create items as you wait for the arena to start.

    The Arena is located in the middle of the city. Its pretty big, circle formed and absolutely isolated. No player can escape it - you fight until one team is defeated. At the edges of the arena, audience is thirsting for action. Inside the arena its only sand.

    So a beautifulll human city with an arena. I will open a great thread about gameplay and features as fast as the terrain is finished,

    Please use

    Its kinda impossible to create a nicey city without it. If you don't agree, shock me! AND, I prefer ashenvale water ;p

    Huge credit and +rep. Thx in advance!
  6. Lightstalker

    Lightstalker New Member

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    Looking for helpers!

    • Project description: A cross between an AoS and an RPG playable by up to 10 players. Players' Heroes will be able to drive vehicles, choose where to spend their stat points, and decide what skill tree(s) to learn!
    • Places to fulfill:

    TERRAINING: A magical-looking and awe-inspiring city. Approximate size of area to terrain is 65x130 or 130x65, depending on which way you look at it.
    GRAPHICS ARTIST: A loading screen. This will not be your typical "Copy & Paste" loading screen.

    • Important!
    Read the first post in the link to thread!
    PM me or email me at for more info.
  7. jak3u

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    Epic Boss Battle

    • Project name: Epic Boss Battle
    • Project description:

      1. This is a free roaming map where you can fight the boss anytime you want.

      2. There are 7 different classes, each with their own unique technique. It is up to your group to mix up the classes that would best suit your strategy. [more information on classes in the link]

      3. Day and night system adds on to your strategy, letting you decide whether to go wandering in broad daylight where enemies within radius can see you, or at night where most of the enemies are asleep but you'll have very limited vision.

      4. There are many different kinds of monsters, ranging from small critters to demonic spawns. Most of them wander during the day, while some [ghosts, demons, etc.] wander during the night.

      5. The variety of classes makes the game play fresh and new every time. Lots of different combination and strategies to kill the boss.

      6. I'll be spending A LOT of time in making the boss really smart so the game would be challenging all the time.

      7. I've decided on using a lot of custom models to make it look more neat and unique. Each unit/monster/etc. will be a custom model.

      8. The music will be really intense/heroic/epic and will be playing throughout the game. Music = Immediate Music & X-Ray Dog

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      >>> Be sure to check out the link for more information. :D

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    • Project Status:
    1. Terraining:95%
    2. Heroes:50%
    3. Trigger: 20%
    4. Creeps:10%
    5. Overall:40% ​

    • Places to fulfill:
    *very important*
    Skill Guy: Someone who is pro at editing/customizing skills to fit my game.
    && - - -
    Feedback Guy: Someone (anyone) who can give a lot of suggestions/comments/criticism/etc.​
  8. XxShadyxX

    XxShadyxX I abused the rep system.

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    • Project description:
      An huge Orpg project that will combine all the best stuff of previous Orpg made, improved, and with its own twist. Check out the thread for more info
    • Places to fulfill:

    Someone who can make me a Party system

  9. punwisp

    punwisp New Member

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    Project name: Final Conquest

    Project link either here

    Project description:
    Final Conquest is a 12 player map where players take control of a single faction and fight for dominance over territories(bases) You use large armies while also fighting smart, for losing a battle could cost you dearly
    Places to fulfill:

    Modeling: I am needing a good modeler that can make low filesized models, lot of the modeling maybe even just minor modeling.
  10. Razalgrim

    Razalgrim New Member

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    • Project name: Quarantine

    • Link to thread:

    • Project description: Sick and tired of all those cookie-cutter survival maps where you just find a snug corner and press [H]? Well, no more. Quarantine features several, never-before seen... features. From a unique attack system to custom lighting and environments, it has it all! Well, everything except multiplayer. But that's where you come in, good sir.

    • Places to fulfill:
    Jasser: I need someone to fix up my triggers, as well as make new ones.
    [Warning: You might have to re-do the majority of my triggers, or at least tweak them to make the map multi-player compatible.]

    : I also need someone who can give the marine model a couple of new animations. Anyone who can make custom zombie models would also be appreciated.

    If this post has piqued your interest in any way, send me a PM or post your thoughts in the thread given above. :thup:​
  11. prismpirate

    prismpirate New Member

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    * Project name: Critter Race
    * Status: Beta (Definitely Playable, but can improve)
    * Link to thread:

    * Project description: A mini game where critters try to rake up the most scores either by a) Killing the Treant Protector @ the End or b) Killing other critters.

    * Places to fulfill:

    JASS: Optimizing triggers and help coding spells.
    Terrainer: Although terrain is dynamically generated in my map, future race tracks will have fixed terrain, meaning it has to be well terrained.
    Beta Testers: People to report bugs and comment on any flaws of the map.
    Artist: Loading & Preview Screen Needed.

    All people who help out will get skins + rep!
  12. Denegoth

    Denegoth New Member

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    • Project description:
      In short: An RP map with RPG elements.

      Longer: A remake of an old Villager roleplaying map I made a while back. I decided to remake it as when I went back to change it, there were too many poorly made things to change, so I ended up remaking it.

      The game is mostly profession based rather than job based. You will train skills such as Mining and Alchemy rather than getting the Miner or Alchemist job. There is no true objective to the map, but there isn't to RP maps either.
    • Places to fulfill:
    GUI: I need a GUI code for arrow key movement with all heroes stored in Hero[Players 1-10]
    MODELLING: Need a female villager model with an attack animation.
  13. kirinelf

    kirinelf New Member

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    • Project name: Defense of the Heart
    • Link to thread: Here.
    • Project description: Castle Defense genre with an emphasis on lots and lots of creeps to kill. Recommended for 2-4 people, with support for 8 players once the rest of the Heroes are added in. And that's why I came here.
    • Places to fulfill:
    GUI & JASS: Importing selected spells into my map. I have the spells I'd like imported ready. Just need someone to import them into my map.
  14. irgan

    irgan New Member

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    * Battle Arena Epsilon:

    * Epic-scaled Hero Arena which is plalyable by 10 players max and can be played solo with or without computers. the goal of the game is to defeat the other team a certain amount of times or finish all the little side quests to get the best ending of the game:

    * Places to fulfill:

    GUI: coding simple warp-to's and item creation and random mini games and side events. simple spells as well(not alot of these though)
    JASS: coding medium, to hard difficulty spells
    TERRAINING: not very hard job, just want to know opinions on what tile set would look best with the map and to make the terrain not look so poorly and quickly made.
    MODELLING: not truly needed.some specific heroes would be nice
    TEXTURING: none
    (we are starting over again)
  15. Joccaren

    Joccaren You can change this now in User CP.

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    The New Age

    An RPG with very little story line, players play as a hero and choose their team. They can at any time change teams. Includes many items, side quests and natives.

    I have made most of this map, I just need help from a terrainer to improve the current terrain, a modeller (Not 100% required but would help) as some of the models don't fit in or have buggy animations, a good trigger maker (GUI) only to help me finish my triggered spells.
  16. Joccaren

    Joccaren You can change this now in User CP.

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    Joccaren's TD

    Basic TD. Number of creeos spawned is equivilent to how many players are playing. Six tower types and one combat unit. 30 waves with three bosses.

    Beta Testers wanted. I have finished the map but need Beta testers to help tell me whether it is good or not and if there are any bugs
  17. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    • Project description: A dynamic RPG, or ORPG, that is designed to favor teamwork over solo play.
    • Places to fulfill:

    Terrain'ing: Perhaps the greatest role I will require, whoever helps me on this part I will owe forever, for I cannot go no further in my project without one.
    Ideas: I will require minimal ideas at time, but for now I am fine. But in the case I do require a unique and synergistic compilation of ideas, I will call on you.
  18. FhelZone

    FhelZone Have a drink of a nice cold mellowberry juice!

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    Project Name: Demise of Atlantis

    Link to Thread:

    Project Description: Demise of Atlantis is a custom hero defense where you get to choose your desired skill combos and get to challenge your friends in the arena.

    Places to Fulfill:

    • Map Tester
    Map tester should be able to test new versions that are released. They are more appreciated when they can get the map into multiplayer. Replays are also welcome.
  19. Tarivol

    Tarivol New Member

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    • Project description: A squad-based tactical game, focusing on players using tactics to overcome superior, small groups of AI units, based on the X-Com universe.
    • Places to fulfill:
    JASS: I don't have enough World Editor experience to say, but I'm more than open to anyone who could apply. Experience with maps of the same vague type (SWAT, Undead Assault, Etc) would help.
    TERRAINING: Needed, definitely.
    MODELLING: Needed, if only as someone who's experienced at importing models already made, as the entire unit list will need to be imported.
    TEXTURING: May be needed. Send me an idea if you have one.
  20. Sarj14

    Sarj14 New Member

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    Project name: Tales of Tolerot RPG

    Link to thread:

    Project description: Tales of Tolerot is an RPG game where you roam the region of Tolerot. You start as a race (human, high elf, or dwarf), as you reach a level, you pick to specalize in one of the 9 playable classes. We have decided a map system which will create a fun and long enjoyable gameplay experiance for players of Tales of Tolerot RPG.

    Places to fulfill:
    Secondary Trigger (Dwarvenfrog is also a triggerer)
    GUI Triggerer: Triggering spells, save/load, and other systems listed in the main post.
    JASS Triggerer: Same as above.
    *Optional*Modeler - Create custom doodads.

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