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Project Name: CoK - Clash of Kalimdor
Link to thread:

Project Description: An AOS with an awesome name. Players attpt to kill a boss unit and other players with teamwork

Places to Fulfill:

Spell Maker GUI or JASS. Be ready for a load of spellpacks that I will throw at you.

Web Artist (for lack of a better name) I need someone to help me create a banner for my thread.
Artist for loading screen


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Guardian angels

Project name:- Guardian Angels

Type:- Multi-mapped RPG

Link:- Guardian Angels


Things which it is going to feature(may more content i have thought but not currently fixed)
1. 10 normal classes and 10 hero with different playing experience
(no hero class will be released in first map)
2. Item enchanting
3. Heroes with talent 3 tree system(more feature on it later)
4. First quest will be class quest revolving around the way the classes got originated dealing with the story line of each class and there first abilities
5. Unique story line which let heroes interact with it. And unique feature like re-uniting of the silver had knight hood.
6. Save, lode codes
7. Unique weapon and Armour system
8. Spell power and attack power coefficients
9. It is a multi-mapped project
10. Real feeling of warcraft-3 added to it and many mini-campings
11. Will have a arena for pvp
12. Tournaments
14. Item reloading system
15. Unique weapon for each class
16. Unique attribute and pvp systems
17. Many more which may or may not be unique but i have not mentioned like item spell books system by which socketed items can have extra options just by adding a hero spell passive to it.


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Map Project: Oddworld - Link

I'm looking for someone to do or help me with AI. This is just a small section of the map and will include the following:

3 heroes with AI that can move, fight and activate spells. This is the AoS part of the map.
The heroes must be able to move properly, cast spells on heroes only (or mostly) and run back and forth when they are injured.
They do not need to know how to use items or anything item related.
It doesn't have to be a superb AI, but at least an AI that will provide the players with a bit of a challenge to overcome.
If you think you're up for the task, PM me and we can talk more ^^


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  • Project description: In a forest lies a small arena dominated by evil. The only way to win is to use evil itself and use your sinful energy within. A 6 versus 6, not-so-fast paced hero arena like, AoS like, hero defense like game which revolves around three different victory conditions.
  • Places to fulfill:
Beta Testers: That's what I really lack, especially when playing in multiplayer.
Debugging Partner: Doesn't really matter if you know jass or GUI as long as you help me find bugs.


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* Project name: Chess-Micro-Arena
* Link to thread:

* Project description: A chess style map with a warcraft 3 micro arena twist. Units that encounter each other fight in a micro arena with the help of the king and queen. preferably up to 8 payers(4v4). It shouldn't be too hard to make but will take a decent amount of triggers and efficiency is key

* Places to fulfill:

Triggers: need help making triggers as simple and effective as possible, as well as take some of the work off my hands.

Pathing: not to technical, just make it look nice, preferably good at triggers to not need to many people on this project.


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Project Eternity (RPG)

* Project name: Project Eternity
* Link to thread:

* Project description: Create your hero, choose your race and gender, experience an epic story and interact with almost every aspect of the never ending game play. Buy homes, shops and inns or take over entire cities and rule with an iron fist, or adventure into the vast, multi-map world of Aesthir. Be good or evil. Customize all of your gear and keep it all in your almost endless storage space. The choices are all yours to make.

* Places to fulfill:

Terraining: None needed
GUI: Game caches and map transitioning and Quest and cinematic triggering

JASS: coding a custom inventory system
MODELLING: None needed
TEXTURING: None needed

More information will be posted as an EDIT on this post when it becomes available. PM me or click the link above to my member's project thread in order to contact me. Thanks.)


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  • Project description: *The goal of this map is to present a new, better, and more dynamic hero system/engine different from most of the popular maps.
  • Places to fulfill:

JASS: Needed Intermediate - High level vJASS for spellmaking.
TERRAINING: Someone better than me at this :D.
*Currently, I am the only one making the map itself. Most of these are my work and ideas.
Looking for : Spell/Hero Trigger-er
Although I am quite competent to trigger the skills i can think of, i do not have the luxury of time. I'm looking for someone who has the skills to trigger (using the systems already implemented in the map) some of the hero and spell ideas.
Looking for : a better Terrainer
Some people say the terrain sucks. I need someone to improve it. (Dont touch the tree placement though!.. those have code related designs.)


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Project name: Footmen Frenzy Elite AI

Link to thread: /showthread.php?t=146122.

Project description: Highly rated footmen frenzy map with new heroes, items, creep and tech types. I have created an AI footmen map to show how much fun it can be even in single player.

Places to fulfill:

vJass/Jass/GUI for Spells and Systems
AI Helper


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Project Name: The War of Souls


Description: A map to be made with the intent of completely revolutionizing angel arena maps, with an emphasis on high hero quality, balance, and uniqueness.

The map also focuses on encouraging player versus player combat, and to discourage sitting around and farming, with no 'ultimate' or super uber 'secret' heroes, overall their are no secret heroes(because those are just stupid)

There will be systems to make PvP more interesting, and probably more violent as well.

All 22 heroes you can start out with are unique, and are an appearance from somewhere else, history, literature, video games, or anime.

All heroes have unique(not ladder spells) triggered spells

Places Needed
A team to help create hero abilities, balance, and system changes to make the game better
JASS/vJASS coders


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  • Project name: [AoS] X-WoFI
  • Link to thread: Here
  • Project description: There are two forces. Ice Vs Fire, With Water As the neutral
    5 v 5 game. Heroes are for all forces.
    I have done the basic terraining, excluding spots for neutral creeps
    And 3 heroes and 1 hero without ulti
  • Places to fulfill:

Balancer: Balance the stats and damages for heroes and creeps...
Terrainer: Terrain spots for neutral creeps
Hero Maker: Including making hero spells and triggered spells
Ideas Giver: Give ideas on heroes and the terraining
I am currently making the map with another friend who is making heroes. :D
You can msn me at [email protected]
or message me in


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The Big Game

  • Project description: This is a DotA style map which places a greater emphasis on controlling creeps and territory. Each side's heroes are capable of spreading its affiliated terrain type over the battlefield. Enemy creeps trespassing onto opposing terrain will take damage at regular intervals. There are also neutral buildings spread around the map that provide more strategic options.
  • Places to fulfill:
Beta Testers: We need people to test the game in a 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 game. Testers are expected to report any bugs and balance problems to us, or just simply play the game! (with us observing)

PM me if you're interested!


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  • Project description: A very competitive map with elements of an AoS. Interesting Stance System and many more attributes to make the game more dynamic and allow customization.
  • Places to fulfill:
Terrain Designer: Probably the most important position that I'm looking for.
Counselor: Need people to help come up with ideas, balancing, etc.


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Two Projects

  • Project description: A medium sized tower defense concentrating on teamwork and coordination.
  • Places to fulfill:
Tower Architect: Gives me tower ideas. What I need is an ultimate tower idea, and hopefully extra tower branches.
Balancer: Gives me ideas on balances, like those I would miss. Helps with creating new creeps to increase the waves.
Beta Tester: I just need someone who can host & beta test, if you can't host, that's fine, just join us when I play with my clan.

  • Project description: A tiny sized hero defense with unique tile effects which include those for fun, those that help and those that make the game harder.
  • Places to fulfill:
Hero Creator: Gives me ideas on new heroes, and if ever any changes to be made. Just suggestions, and may help by including a test map of their hero.
Balancer: Gives me ideas on how to balance the game, like reducing creep spawn interval, reducing amount of creeps, increasing time between spawn starting time of humans between orcs.
Beta Tester: I just need someone who can host & beta test, if you can't host, that's fine, just join us when I play with my clan.


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OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!!


Hey guys and gals!

Im currently looking for some Beta testers to test out my latest version of my map.

OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!!

OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!! is a defence game, were it sees 4 players starting in the centre of the map, Having a choice of 3 Builder races. (at the moment)
They then have 30 seconds to find a spot they wish to start their defence and remain their for aslong as they can.

Once the 30 seconds is over wave 1 starts, and from 8 spawning points Ghouls will Attack move to the centre of the map attacking any structures in their range.

Once the ghouls are dead, the players then get 30 seconds to rebuild their defence, upgrade towers etc, before the next wave starts.

The waves themselves double the amount of ghouls every wave, so the first wave spawns 20 Ghouls, 2nd wave spawns 40 Ghouls etc.

The object of the game is to be the last man standing, and to obtain the highest score possible.

I'm Looking for.

Beta Testers - I'm in need of people to test the game, as much as they can, and provide as much feedback about the map as possible, on improvements, or bugs.

You can find the link here, on the main thread -

Please let me know if you are interested, by either PM'ing me, or making a post on the original thread, in the link above.


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Scavenger TD

  • Project description: Tower Defense that requires players to scavenge for "tower parts" in order to upgrade towers. Visit my thread for more info.
  • Places to fulfill:

TERRAINING: Need an expert terrainer to partner up with and make beautiful maps together.
MODELLING: If you are interested in modelling PM me and we will see what we can come up with
TEXTURING: Same as modelling


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Project name: Witchers
Link to thread:

Project description: One player play as Dracula, the rest play as witchers, a so called monster killer. The Goal of the Witchers is to kill Dracula and for Dracula its the other way around, sounds familiar? Well, here is the twist: 12 AM, a random player(witcher) turns into a werewolf and joins the team of Dracula.

Additional Info: Map Is almost complete! Tarrain is fully complete, There are several ways to defeat Dracula, there is a few secrets for the players to discover, there is lots of buildings to build and researches to research. The map is playable and fun and has a high quality feeling.

Places to fulfill: I'm looking for someone who think they can fix my Triggers. Someone with a lot of experience with GUI and preferably someone who may know JASS that can rewrite my triggers Bulletproof.


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  • Project description:
    The marine squad have emergancy landed at an abandoned military station, and discovers it to be infested with zombies. You need to survive hordes of zombies in the fight for survival.
  • Places to fulfill:

(So I basically "just" need someone to take care of the triggering (which includes spells and systems (there will not be a huge load of systems, but lots of spells)), as I'm not very good at it)


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  • Project description: The Underworld has broken shattered through to the real world and now monsters are running adrift. It is your job as the last saviors of Earth to stop them and restor order to the land.
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: Spells/Trigger leaks
JASS: Spells/Trigger leaks
TERRAINING: not really that much terraining needs done i already did a outline, but if i could get somebody for terraining that would be great
MODELLING: I need somebody to make me a few models and import them into the map since my computers kinda screwy with models
TEXTURING: just some item and unit icons

BTW the map is not anywhere near done dont dl the one at the thread that map is an old beta that i havent updated yet just post on the thread and i will contact you
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