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Eudemons ORPG

  • Massive orpg based off the mmorpg Eudemons Online, play as 3 different classes and complete various quests, save the land of yartland and become the strongest hero around.
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: A few skills.
TERRAINING: Its a big map will go by faster with help with terraining.
MODELLING: a few models could be useful for various creeps/bosses.


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we're currently searching an additional coder (especially for the work on Chernobyl - Lost Riddles) joining our Fusion Engineering Group. Some of you might already know us through Arcadia - Rise and Fall, Chernobyl - Lost Riddles, WarCraft III Paranoia or Rise of Rapture. Due to the amount of work, we're currently reaching our limits with the coding. Most wanted is an extraordinary coder, familiar with using vJass/ZinC and interested to work in a team of 10 passionated modders.

[Chernobyl - Lost Riddles (possibly your next project)]












Check out my 2 Player Co-op RPG!
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Project name: (Not Decided)
Link to thread: (Not Announced)
Project description: 2 Player Co-Op RPG where you have to work together to overcome challenges (basic basic detail)

Places to fulfill:
Need a Tester! - They have to be able to work with me, and follow commands when I test with them (I'll host over (They do not need to be able to host!). They will be the 2nd person in the co-Op ^^ Please PM me ASAP!
Would help greatly if you had MSN/Yahoo so we could communicate outside of game with an instant messanger.


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Fantasiverdnen RPG

Hey im making an rpg and if somebody wanna join it would be great!

  • Project name: Fantasiverdnen RPG
  • Link to thread: no one yet if you wanna join write to my email [email protected]
  • Project description: An RPG im making for fun. I need sommeone who is willing to work with me and is active
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: Is not needed but help wil always be appreciated
JASS: Is needed
TERRAINING: Help will be appreciated
MODELLING: anyone who would like to model will be great
TEXTURING: anyone who would like to texture will be great
ICON: In need
TRIGGER: Is not needed but more help will be good
TESTERS: In need
In case i missed something i would be appreciate help from all the other i maybe have missed
(etc.) Everyone thats wanna join write to me over my hotmail [email protected] or steam: Kobo799
P.S If someone would like to make quest it would be great and i would be so happy is really in need


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Arathi Basin

Hello guys, i am looking to set up a nice and active team from the TH community that have the will and time to work on a small project, in fact it aint that its small, its just that all depends how much we work on it :)

So, if any of you already has played World of Warcraft,and is familiar with the Arathi Basin battleground, than that is what im planning to work on, for those who are not familiar with the Arathi Basin Battleground feel free to check out the link.

So i've made a 64x64 map, yes its extremely small, i've basically made the terrain,or ... just sort of a template, the terraining needs improvements,a lot. I've made it small intentionally,so it will be real crowded, since it will be 6vs6, i want players to encounter eachother extremely fast,and fight over the bases fiercly, since all 5 of the bases are not far from each other, and it will be pretty hard to keep control over a base for too long.

I myself,like to mess around with the Object Editor,and the Triggering, my experience in triggering is not vast, i still have a lot lot to learn, but, i have been messing around with the editor for quite some years now, so i think that takes me off the Noob Level ... i think :)

What am i looking for ?

I am looking for passionate Spell Makers,that enjoy making the spells,triggering them,wether in JASS or GUI doesn't matter, tho it's a must that all spells to be MUI.
Need 2 Spell Makers

Experienced Terrainers are needed,the terrain will need to be appropriate for PvP and well set-up,something that im not able to do well.
Need 2 Experienced Terrainers

Experienced People at triggering, i doubt that i will have any troubles setting up any sort of function,or set-up any kind of trigger needed for this Map, but i welcome 2 more Experienced people at triggering to join me.

And last, i need people who have creativity and a rich vocabulary to come up with some quite impressive and interesting descriptions about the items,heroes themselves,and in general, filling all the required tooltips for all spells/items/heroes.
Need 2 People for this position.

Summer break is coming, i intend to take this project seriously as soon as i get at least 2 more members for the team. The rest can join up later. Today is June 4th, i expect to fully start working on this by June 20th, once again,i say to you, this will be a small fun project that i am certain we will have the pleasure of working on, no pressure at all, no time limits,no rush, just some friendly socializing and working on the World Editor at the same time.
Thanks for reading :)

PS. If interested to fill any of the positions, please feel free to PM me here,at TH.

PPS. STILL VALID, last updated March 15th 2012.


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Deathtrap Dungeon!

Ok, I'm going to make a big dungeon crawl a-la WarChasers. Called

Deathtrap Dungeon

- randomizing dungeon route achieved through randomly spawned sets of indestructible barriers so that every game the maze is different

There will be possible combinations of obstacles and a random one will be picked every new game. For example, either all the red obstacles will appear, or the blue or the green ones (not all at the same time, of course).

And so, the whole map will have a different route each game.

- PvP (race to the end) or in-game formed teams

- difficulty varying according to number of players

- creeps hunting down and attacking the heroes (as opposed to staying there and waiting for you to come and kill them)

- experience rewards for performing tasks other than killing creeps

Like WarChasers it will have
- selectable heroes at the beginning
- little houses that spawn enemies
- bosses and keys and teleports

and, of course, it will have some fancy items and skills. I'm doing it for fun and I could probably do it all by myself, but if someone wants to come by you're welcome :)



(so far)
Terrain - me
Objects - ??
Triggers - ??


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Hi Mappers!

I'm currently searching for people who want to join my Tower Defense Campaign Project:

Queltor - The Defender

It's a very big project and I think I can't do it on my own so I look for every man I get.

Here is the link to the project:

What I am looking for:

- Terrain is very important because it should look more realistic than normal funmap Tower Defense maps. The Paths are irregular etc.
- I also try to do Terrain but more help would be nice :)

- The Theme of the Campaign is based on the Warcraft 3 Theme. So we doesn't need for every unit a special model but some extensions would be nice. But they have to fit in the design of the other models (So no space ships or something like that ;D )


- One Part is Cinematic and Story Part where it is important to have good camera views a good timed animation and things like that-

- The Second part is the System Part. The whole Campaign system and each system of the maps.

- Another important point is to get an interessting AI. So it would be good to have someone that have some experience in this topic.

- At the moment I'm doing all of this topics but like the terrain part would be a supporter very good.


- The Story is an important part in the project so if someone doesn't want to help at mapping directly he could give his feedback and ideas or could write the dialogs for e.g the cinematics .


- It would be also nice to have someone who wants to design the loading screens or the campaign map (not the minimap but a real map where you can see where the towns or places in the campaign are, like in the standard wc3 campaign)


- A very casual help part: If you have ideas but don't want to do anything in the project you also can just tell us the ideas and if they are good and fit in we can put it in the project.

Beta Testers

- Because of the size of the project we need very much beta testers to find bugs, to analyze that we can balance.

I hope I find now some people for helping me in this project because it's so much work if you are alone and the progress is also very slow.

Thanks for reading ;D



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  • Project description: The map is highly focused on the player being able to make choices and those choices having further consequenses and i also want to make an unique and challenging combat system.. You can get further information in the link, if you would like to know something in greater detail, feel free to PM me.
  • Places to fulfill:

JASS: Need a system and spell maker.
TERRAINING: The game will be fairly huge but I want to make it beautiful aswell. I have already completed a small part of the terrain but there is still Alot that needs doing so I could really use some help.
MODELLING: It would be really quite nice to get some custom models to make the map even more unique and better looking.
TEXTURING: A few skins and unit icons would be nice.


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Lordaeron Castle Defense
Thread Link

Lordaeron Castle Defense is a survival game that burrows gameplay elements from Fortress Survival, Castle Defense and WoW Boss Fights. The setting of the map is in the ruins of Lordaeron right before Lady Sylvanas launches her assault on the city. The objective of the game is to build a base with your allies in the city while the undead try to kill you for 45 minutes. If you survive you then go to fight the final bosses.

There are 5 playable races Humans, Blood Elves, Night Elves, Druids and Demon Hunters. Every races has unique units, 2 heroes, items and gameplay style.

The hero system is very unique considering you get to spec your heroes. Each hero has 8 abilities and you get to choose which 4 they get to learn. Just to give you an idea of some of the awesome spells ideas in Lordaeron Castle Defense, there is the hero Dark Ranger for the Demon Hunter race. One of her ultimates is Black Skies which is like Starfall but when a unit is killed by it they then turn into a skeleton that fights for you.

Everything is planned, it just needs to be completed. All the hero abilities and cinematic are written out on paper. The terrain layout is complete just need someone to pretty it up and add doodads.

Positions to be filled
Terrain - Fill Me!
Tooltips - Mitchel
Spells - Fill Me!
Cinematic - Fill Me!

ProgressTerrain - 2/5
Tooltips - 2/5
Spells - 1/5
Units - 4/5
Bosses - 3/5
Triggers - 5/5
Cinematic - 1/5

Download Map Here

Contact me on skype:
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