Adsense worth it?

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Support' started by DoubleDraGoN, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Rad

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    I'm sure it depends on the content too. Command and Conquer links dont seem to wield much income, lol, removing the ads from my site now (Been up like 3-4 days). I was using two text ads and an image ad. Only on one page, though.

  2. FhelZone

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    Hahahahahaha that made me laugh.
    But anyway its better you have that ads on your site
    Who knows that you might make a game that will bring down DotA.
    Then you receive a thousand clicks per week. :D
    I'm planning to add one.
  3. Choppa


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    I used to have it but I got banned for clicking my own ads lol, but google has been known to ban you when you're getting close to $100 for no reason, they'll say you clicked your ads even if you didn't (happened to many people I know) they aren't very nice, and it's very un-common for them to care if you say you didn't do it, worth a try though.
  4. DM Cross

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    Can't they figure out the IP addresses that are doing the clicking and compare it to the IP address you registered the Adsense with?
  5. monoVertex

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    What if you have dynamic IP? :rolleyes:

    Or you go to a friend and start clicking your ads.
  6. MeRcChRiS

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    Make a LAN Party at your house, and tell everyone to start clicking your ads. Easy.
  7. DDRtists

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    Maybe they did? Because I haven't got banned yet... :rolleyes:
  8. PurgeandFire

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    Probably, but if tons of people have it, it will be hard to find out.

    They probably get the IP Addresses of people who click the adds and track the clicks. But I don't know if they would go that far. :nuts:
  9. Oninuva

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    You click your own ads. You phail. Do you know people like me pay for real visitors. Not some little kids at home telling their friends to "click" their links. I will report you if I find you commit this.
  10. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Yea, you don't have to enforce them to click it, you should just have them there to gain some profit. Profit is profit.

    The only reason to have ads is most likely for domain expenses or just to get some money. :p
  11. TheDamien

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    Easy way to get busted for click fraud.

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