after some ideas for special events in my map


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so im creating this hero siege map and im after some special events so that its not just watching your hero hack away at waves of creeps over and over then after some waves you fight a boss.
what could be some special events to keep the game interesting


You can change this now in User CP.
Different original extra attacks. Like these
Rain of Chaos - Randomly rains down a few Infernos (stunning+damaging as well) on the map to fight the heroes!
Lurkers - A large group of weaker units, (Crypt fiends, beetles) suddenly unburrows right at the Castle (or whatever you are defending)
Alien ambush - Some kind of spaceship appears at ONE of the lines, flying around there dropping down Space Grunts, Marines, and Zerglings to fight the heroes. Until the spaceship is destroyed, it will continue to drop units.

and maybe you could add a few positive events like
Come and get it! - Gold coins appears right by the towers in the end of each line!

also, I guess you mean those kind of breaks in the normal game, making everything stop and something else to happen (like in the last several versions of X hero siege :eek:)
Treasure land - The heroes comes to Treasure Land for about 60 seconds! An area full of walls and doodads, where there are (at random places) a lot of minor items, tomes, and gold coins. However, there are a couple of extremly large trolls, wandering around, that could one-hit any of the heroes. IF the heroes are strong enough (unlikely) to slay any of the trolls, they get a large gold and experience award :)

Demon duel - Every hero is cast into an arena with a succubus. The succubus have very fast attack speed, but quite low damage. There are runes in the arena that greatly increases the hero's damage but decreases its attack speed for a short period of time. So, the tactic for beating the succubus and getting the award, is to hit it once (maybe twice if you are ranged) and run away, until you can hit it again, etc, because you have the damage, she have the attack speed. :eek:


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realy love those ideas

defently going to use the inferno one it suits the theme of the hero siege
come and get it i dont like at all :(
Demon duel interesting :)


don't expect anything, prepare for everything
maybe some annoying low hp necromancer spawns and he keeps blinking and raising skeletons at random places

the less hp he has, the faster he blinks and raises stronger skeletons


This is the way it was meant to be.
Hero seige being where you spawn the units that your enemies fight?

I dunno, maybe spawn some Demolisher units at your circle of power; pick an angle at which you launch them, and they shoot out and explode on things?

Seems like there's a bit to control already, since you've got the hero, the spawning, and that altar thing that casts spells.


y hello thar
You can occassionally allow a player to sabotage another player's line of defense by allowing them to join as a monster in the line with some not-completely-overpowered abilities and give the player a timer to do some damage before returning to his own line of defense.

You can make some creeps that require focus fire, such as an aura bearer or a healer. Force the player to make strategical choices in the order of killing. For instance, you could make one creep give the hero a charged item that would help kill the rest of the wave or a creep that explodes on death to cause damage to nearby creeps.

You can make some feature that enables players to send creeps into other heroes' line of defense, costing life but rewarding more if the creep succeeds in crossing the line. Of course, the creep would need a realistic chance of crossing the line without overpowering the player (such as a fast runner).

Just make sure the players get a clear idea of what's going on when implementing special features.


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thanks guyz

Bogrim they arnt realy special events

heri siege is where you defend off waves of creeps then fight your way though to the end building/boss


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Have you ever tried to do a brainstorm?
- take a big white paper, write down what you need, and then you write down ALL ideas and thoughts you might come up with about that topic - and then you generate ideas from that... you should try it out.
This guide is a guide for companys, but you might get the structure of it - can be used for the most idea creation processes: Guide


how about after the boss each player moves to a sealed arena with their own version of the boss to battle it out. The winner gets a prize (item, gold whatever). The twist is that the boss HP and attack strength is scaled.
This could work 2 ways.
1) If each player is defending a point by themselves then the HP and attack strength of their arena boss is greater the closer the boss got before being killed or maybe the quicker it got killed the higher its stats or the slower it got killed the higher the stats. Something like that.
2) If all players are working together to defend 1 place then the arena has HP and stats scaled to the % of damage the herose did. so if there were 3 heroes defnding and 1 hero did 50% another did 35% and another did 15% then their boss's would have 50%, 35% and 15% of the original boss's attack strength and HP respectfully.

Just a thought.
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