Report After touching men's underwear, women take bigger financial risks and seek more rewards


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After looking at sexually arousing images, men, but not women, become more impatient for financial rewards and more willing to take financial risks. Now a study has shown that women too show these changes to their decision making if they touch "sexually laden stimuli" - in this case men's boxer shorts!

Across three studies, Anouk Festjens and her colleagues led over a hundred female undergrads to believe they were taking part in customer research for a clothing manufacturer. The women handled a pair of men's boxer shorts or a t-shirt and rated it on various factors such as the quality of the fabrics. After touching the clothing they answered financial or other questions, the precise format varying from study to study.

Handling boxer shorts, but not a t-shirt, increased the women's* preference for immediate financial reward - that is, they said they'd have to be offered more money in a week or a month's time to entice them to forsake the immediate offer of €15. Stated differently, women who touched a t-shirt perceived €15 in a month's time as being worth around €12.50, whereas women who touched the boxer shorts perceived €15 in a month's time as being worth around €10.50 - a statistically significant difference.

In another study, the women said whether they'd be willing to play various gambles that involved risking starting amounts of money or chocolate for the prospect of winning more money or chocolate. Women who'd first handled boxer shorts were willing to play riskier gambles than those who handled a t-shirt.

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Bumping for Great Justice! LOL - They need to do some more studies like this because it is fascinating research! :)
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